Highlighting the work of artists, from performers to graphic designers, is what drives me to producing. My latest "accomplice" is visual artist Freddy Agurto Parra. He is from the port city of Tomé in the Biobío Region in south-central Chile. The poster for the 1st Cine Chileno in San Francisco is our latest collaboration.

To check out Freddy Agurto Parra's work click here .
My long time collaborator and dear friend, Miguel Blázquez, from La Palmas de Gran Canarias, Spain, is the talent behind most of Chile Lindo's marketing material, including my elegant logo, the empanada labels and most of my event fliers. Miguel's latest passion is photography where he continues to grow and excel as an artist. To check out Miguel Blázquez's work click here .
Our 1st Pisco Sour Happy Hour at Stookey's Club Moderne was so much fun. To all our friends--thank you so much for coming out!!
Be sure to join us for the next P isco Sour Happy Hour coming up on Sunday, September 2nd, starting at 5 PM. This time around we're delighted to present The Cabaret of Red and Blue , featuring Alexandra Rieloff performing jazz standards, boleros and Bossa Nova tunes. She will be accompanied by Rob Bassinette on bass, and Jennifer Murphy on piano. whoopee!!

You can also hear Alexandra Rieloff, Jennifer Murphy and Rob Bassinette at Bistro SF Grill, 1305 Castro Street San Francisco, CA 94114. For information call: (415) 409-6410. Great food and ambiance!
As you can see, the pisco sours at Stookey's Club Modern are serious business! Thank you again to Aaron, Leslie, and Tim for helping us set things in motion to usher in the 1st Cine C hileno in San Francisco.

895 Bush Street,
San Francisco 94108

Pisco Sour Cocktail Hour
Chile Lindo Empanadas

Sunday, November 11, 2018
The Castro Theater
San Francisco

Julio comienza en julio (Julio Begins in July)
10:10 AM

«Quinzaine des Realizateurs» Selection – Cannes International Film Festival, France (1979)

La luna en el espejo
(The Moon in the Mirror)
1:30 PM

Best Actress, International Film Festival of Venice, Italy (1990)

Three episodes of TV series Descorchando Chile
(Cheers from Chile)
3:50 PM
  • Part 5: Valles de Mar y Vino
Viña Veramontes
Viña Garcés Silva
Viña Casanueva

  • Part 7: El Valle Premiado
Viña Caliterra
Viña Montes

  • Part 8: Valle de Sorpresas
Viña Viu Manent
Viña Lapostole
Viña Los Nogales

Y de pronto el amanecer (…And Suddenly the Dawn)
6:15 PM

Grand Prix of the Americas (Best Film), The Montreal World Film Festival (2017)

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Frísco Brandy
inspired by Pisco, made in San Francisco!

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Thank you Ann Murray Yavar for your support of Chilean culture in San Francisco! Ann is a member at Pipeline Angels and she was born in Viña Del Mar, Chile.

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Paula Tejeda


How to Spend A Day in San Francisco’s Mission District

"Any good neighborhood tour starts with a snack…and continues with snacks throughout the day. First stop: Chile Lindo ."

Kevin N. Hume/S.F. Examiner
San Francisco Examiner
By  Denise Sullivan   on May 27, 2018
“Twenty five years ago, I knew Chile was right around the corner in every sense: tourism, wine, the fruit exports,” said Tejeda. “I knew Chilean artists were beginning to come to the Bay Area and there was an opportunity for someone to make connections.”

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