Hello Seth Readers & Friends!

Wow, what a year this has been! Time to check in and let you know all about it. We've done so much and we have so many exciting plans ahead!

OUR AIM IS BY APRIL 2023 we can officially open the doors for the world to visit this legendary building. So start planning for it. Let's appreciate together everything "The Seth House" means to so many people. 

Our 501c3 NON-PROFIT Purchased the House where

JANE ROBERTS Channeled SETH. It's hard to believe it was late December 2021, because so much has happened in such a short time. 9-1/2 months later we're still WORKING SO HARD and making much-needed repairs, improvements and beautifications - not to mention all the legalities, paperwork, and bill-paying involved in a project like this.

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK, WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. We need human hearts to work alongside us, both Volunteers and Hired Hands. Many are the possibilities...

And of course we need your FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

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And there's a very good write-up we hope you'll read

under the "About" section of the Facebook Fundraiser. Team spirit, gang!

Blessings Always,


(607) 735-2750

WEBSITE www.TheSethHouse.org

EMAIL:  info@TheSethHouse.org

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And now, let's have a look at some "Before Pictures"

This is what we've been dealing with here folks.

This house should have been restored long ago.


Lightbulb + spider webs

It's so much worse than we can show you now. But we will soon...

We'll be updating the website in the weeks ahead

with more dramatic "Before & After Pictures".

We could really use some help with editing video clips

into mini-documentaries, and excerpting stills to post online,

of all the amazing progress we have made.

It's icky and it's heartwarming.

 - We Look Forward to Meeting You Here -

and making this a World-Class Center for the

Study & Appreciation of Seth.

(Yeah, we just need a wee bit more time to tidy up.)


458 W. Water Street, 

Elmira, NY 14905

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Look at the little blue birdie above and in the middle - We have a TWITTER account now!

Check it out! Many thanks to Lisa Christie who's on our Board of Directors for setting it up.