Did Somebody mention a recession? A slow down? Or a lack of interest?

Well, they certainly could not have been talking about the SOS!
The 2019 
Show of Shows
concluded this past weekend. It's hard to believe because, in my mind it blew by very quickly.

This show continues to be the 

The location stayed the same and that is a good thing. Once again it took place in one very big hall at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY. 

patiently waiting to get into the hall...check out the line of dealers
When we walked in on Wednesday evening to set up, I was amazed by the enormity of this massive hall. 

Hall C SOS 2019 setup in progress

It looked weird to see 2,000 tables set up with nothing on them. Within three hours, the hall had been transformed into a bevy of dealers scurrying to get their booths set up in anticipation of the following three days of member and public activity. We had our usual 
select location on the left wall and had brought out our best stuff to put together a very professional display. Many who attend do appreciate our efforts.

Home Sweet Home The Ruptured Duck's Corner

WOW...what a beautiful sight!!

In addition to our militaria show, there was a massive gun show, a car show and a flea market going on this weekend at the Expo Center and there definitely is some cross-pollinating. 

Can you believe the amount of folks waiting to get in??

I'm not sure if that's good or bad but I can tell you this, we had non-stop activity at our tables. I can say in all honesty that this was the busiest show we have ever had as far as having people at our tables.

Bill always has new goodies

...pointing out some important details

...looks to be an intense conversation

sooo many party pins...decisions decisions...

this was a slow point in the must have been lunchtime!

The interest is Father like Son!

Patrick had recently returned from San Francisco where he had purchased a huge collection of fine badges and accessories from the Tim Calvert collection. Tim was certainly the "go to" guy for Luftwaffe badges. Everybody knew him and, in fact, the Wehrmacht Awards Forum had named the Luftwaffe badge section in his honor after his passing from ALS.

This, along with hundreds of "fresh items", really made our display pop. One of the signs I had out on the table said more than 25% of the items on display were recent purchases. The feedback from customers and friends is certainly a motivation to continue this trend.

The Ruptured Duck display

Once again, I was amazed by the number of new customers we met at this show who said it was their first SOS and they came because they saw what I had written about the show. It goes to show that it pays to advertise. I can honestly say that everybody I met for the first time told me it was well worth their while and they would be back again.

This year the weather was cooperative but more seasonal. There were rain showers and the threat of flooding was looming. My team's 17-hour trek back to Massachusetts was a real adventure with heavy rains and high winds for part of the journey. We have to remind ourselves that it's still February and Mother Nature is in control.

Kentucky state line!!

Expo Center straight ahead!

Once again, like last year, I had a good feeling about this show because a number of people had asked me to bring items to the show to look at. This did, in fact, happen and resulted in many sales so I am a happy camper. 

Bill showing this well marked lid

Buying was, as always, very good, considering I never left my tables at all during show hours.

some brand new acquisitions

Based on an incident that occurred at a gun show several months ago, the future of the show at this location looked doubtful. Thankfully, the Board of Directors at OVMS was able to convince the heads of the EXPO Center that we are, indeed, a valid organization that plays by the rules.

picture courtesy of the OVMS

T he organization, rules and regulations adhered to by the sponsor, which is the Ohio Valley Military Society, are fair and consistent, and this makes for a well-organized show. Once again, my hat is off for all the hard work and dedication by the officers and volunteers.

Jacob and his first historical helmet

Virtually everybody I spoke with said they had a good show whether they were just attending or selling. I talked to a number of collectors who said they were able to find items from their most wanted list because the selection at the show is so varied.

One of the highlights for me was the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people who had previously purchased my book 
and the feedback is a tremendous motivation for me to continue to work hard on future volumes.

Once again, the icing on the cake for us was the privilege to sponsor a veteran at the show. Larry Eads of the OVMS does a great job coordinating this and we are proud to be a part of this effort to show our gratitude to these great Americans. There were more than a dozen veterans in attendance ranging from WWII to "Desert Storm". 

Each of the past five years we have sponsored a veteran. This year, we actually sponsored two brave veterans who were flyers that served with the famous Tuskegee Airmen! 

Colonel Charles McGee served our country for over 30 years and had the distinction of flying over 6000 total hours with 1,151 of these being in combat. He is the only known fighter pilot to have flown more than 100 combat missions in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Lieutenant Colonel George Hardy served over 30 years and flew the P-51c in WWII, a B-29 in Korea and an AC-119K in Vietnam. 

Both of these fine patriots deserve a lot of credit. They got a real kick out of the name of our company 
The Ruptured Duck. They both knew what it was and what it meant but never received one of them because they stayed in the service long after our government stopped issuing them.

pictured L to R: McGee, P.Shea, B.Shea, Hardy at the SOS 2019

Now that the OVMS is 
permanently in charge of the MAX show in Monroeville, there are even more advantages to becoming a member of this vibrant club. 

The 2019 MAX SHOW will run from September 19th through September 21st. 
Membership gets you into both shows free and also earlier than the general public. Please consider joining up by going to their website. Tell them I sent you.

The 2020 SOS will be held from Feb 
to Feb 22nd
in the South 
Wing Hall C, at the Kentucky Expo Center. 

Until the next big show, 


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