Published by STEMworks™ 2018 Interns
Videographer & Graphic Designer:
Yasha Ronquillo
Graphic Designer & Social Media Analyst:
Giel Tolentino
Online Journalist:
Glesa MaeTolentino

ABOUT STEMworks Internship
STEMworks™ provides work-based learning opportunities that helps build critical and creative thinking. STEMworks™ students are matched with a host company or organization based on the company’s project needs and the interest and skills of the student. 

This past Thursday marked the start of our 2018 STEMworks Internship! Our interns were given the opportunity to network with industry professionals during our 5x5 session, where the interns learned about their current profession and what inspired them to choose their career. They were also advised to keep an open mind and be flexible as plans for the future may change.
Our interns were introduced to Lynda .com . is an online learning platform where students can learn and obtain new skills through videos taught by industry experts. This gives students the opportunity to be self directed learners and obtain online certifications.
Knowing how to "brand" yourself is important to show that you are the right person for the job you're applying for! Interns learned that your appearance and communicating through body language is a crucial part in making first impressions in the workforce. Another key point in marketing yourself is understanding how to capture the attention of future employers through their resumes and cover letters. 
Here are some helpful links from our presenter, Traci Rosario:

  • Help drive your success and achievements with strong action verbs! Click here
  • Not sure if your resume is up to par? Upload your resume and see your resume score! Click here
In any work environment, you will encounter problems and are expected to formulate solutions. Using the Engineering Design Process, our interns were challenged to utilize their soft skills and cooperatively direct an Ozobot around the islands of Hawaii. 
Industry Presenters on Friday, June 22!
Magic of Sales and Mentors!
STEMworks™ students will learn about sales from Robb Oshima, a Roosevelt High School graduate! This session will show students that sales isn't just a magical craft, but a repeatable and learnable process! 

With a few tips and pointers, students will discover the value of having a mentor, and how to find one of their own!

Robb Oshima, University Partnerships at People Grove
Thriving through Entrepreneurship!
There are various pathways to jump-start your career! Young filmmaker Austin Alimbuyuguen from Maui took his creative media skills to become a freelance cinematographer. STEMworks™ students will hear from Austin that you're able to succeed in any career path you take.

Austin Alimbuyuguen, Freelance Cinematographer and Editor
Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) is proud to offer the Daniel K. Inouye Innovation Award. This annual award will be presented to a Maui County project team that demonstrates the most innovative use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) tools and capabilities to serve and improve our community.
In 2013, MEDB, with the endorsement of Irene Hirano Inouye, established the Daniel K. Inouye Innovation Award to honor the late Senator’s vision for Maui as an innovation center for the latest scientific and technological advances.

For a list of past Daniel K. Inouye Award winners,   click here!
For more information on guidelines and how to apply, click here !