Glenn Davis is our employee of the month for January 2020. Glenn has been with CFSS for almost a year.


Born: Wilmington, NC

Pets: None currently (Glenn had a cat for almost 20 years, Jersey, who has recently passed)

Favorite Foods : Pizza

Favorite TV Shows : Jeopardy

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite CFSS Activities : Building elaborate spreadsheets

Favorite Activities (when not at CFSS) : Painting portraits, and teaching colored pencils classes. (Next class starts Jan 3, at Leland Cultural Arts center.)

Dream Travel Destination: I spent 6 weeks in Peru in two separate trips (1972, 1988), and spent a week in Cancun (2007) , but have no further interest in traveling.  

Fun Fact: Glenn has many "fun facts", and we felt as though only providing one for our customers was a disservice. Take a look at some of Glenn's fun facts and accomplishments through the years!

  • For many years in the 79’s and 80’s, I was an avid canoer and whitewater rafter.
  • My favorite hobby in the 70’s was flying. Having gotten my pilots license in the military, I purchased a plane in 1972 and logged over 1500 hours.  
  • I started my own engineering firm in January 1980, with no working capital and only one client. I supplemented my income tuning pianos which I did from 1976 until giving it up completely, earlier this year.
  • I also scuba dived often, and snow skied but never had any interest in surfing, though living my entire life within 5 minutes of the ocean.
  • For more than a decade as an engineer, I specialized in the inspection and maintenance of water towers…. Have climbed more than a 100 in the southeast. 
  • In the 80’s and early 90’s, I played saxophone in a 17 piece Big Band, playing music from the 40’s and 50’s. In 2013, I gave up music altogether to pursue the visual arts, but still play piano occasionally.
  • Once memorized 52 phone numbers of Rotary Club members in under two hours, and recited them at a Rotary social event.  
  • The only thing on my bucket list is to ride on a train. I’ve never ridden on a train.   

Read Glenn's bio here .