The Sunbeam - May Edition

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of The Sunbeam!

It's finally warm enough to hit the beach (and still early enough to find a parking spot)! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already gotten your first sunburn of the year… 2 years of quarantine seem to have made us forget just how strong those sun rays are! Now that everything is open, enjoy those outdoor events—just don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

It’s been a busy spring for all of us at CFSS. If you attended any of the Earth Day events this year, you probably saw us—hope you stopped by to say ‘hi!’ We had great turnouts and beautiful weather at each. Speaking of great turnouts, did you attend the 5k at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher or the 5k WILMA Dash downtown? We had a blast at each, and a couple of CFSS folks even placed!

We are especially excited to have won Sunpower’s 2022 Regional Commercial Intelegant (a portmanteau for ‘intelligent’ and ‘elegant’) Award and the Wilmington Business Journal’s 2022 Coastal Entrepreneur Award for Professional Services! Both are great honors and we are grateful to be listed alongside the winners of the other categories.

In other news, our new building is continuing to progress nicely. Rooms are getting framed inside and our solar panels are being installed on the roof. If you’ve passed by it recently, were you able to make out the design the solar panels are creating? Hint: it’s usually red, white, and blue.

As always, we thank you for being a pioneer of the renewable energy movement. If you have questions or want to see more articles about certain aspects of photovoltaic systems, please let us know! Our goal is to be an industry and community leader, and we cannot do either without your support.

And, remember to lather up with sunscreen—while our solar panels may enjoy the sun’s power, our skin sure doesn’t!

Sunny Regards,

The Cape Fear Solar Systems Team

Local Solar Company Recognized for Excellence

Coastal Beverage Company is our largest installation to-date. We are honored and excited to have won an award recognizing this project.

Local Solar Company Recognized for Excellence | Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC

Solar Design and Installation for Coastal Beverage Company Earn Prestigious Award Local solar installation company, Cape Fear Solar Systems was selected as SunPower's regional commercial Intelegant Award winner for their outstanding solar panel design and installation at Coastal Beverage Company. The SunPower Intelegant Award is a portmanteau combining "intelligent" and "elegant" to represent SunPower's smart [...]

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Guide to Hurricane Preparedness from a Wilmington Native

Are you prepared for hurricane season? It starts June 1st.

Guide To Hurricane Preparedness from a Wilmington Native by Robert Parker | Sponsored Insights

Living and working in Southeastern North Carolina, there is a good chance you've already experienced impacts from a hurricane. Hurricanes can cause damage and very often cause grid outages. National Hurricane Preparedness week is May 1st through 7th-so the time to prepare is now. Hurricanes have wind speeds of 74 mph and greater.

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May's Featured Installation

Every month, we select a solar system to showcase. Please continue to send in great pictures of your array to if you’d like to be featured!

March_2022_Installs_Jackson_Drone_25Mar22 _5_.jpg
March_2022_Installs_Jackson_Drone_25Mar22 _7_.jpg
March_2022_Installs_Jackson_Drone_25Mar22 _6_.jpg
Residential System
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"I think the future for solar energy is bright."

- Ken Salazar

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Get to Know Your Solar Team

Zach is the featured employee of the month this May! Zach joined CFSS in April 2017.


Born: Riverton, NJ

Pets: none

Favorite Foods: Mexican cuisine

Favorite TV Show: Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite Activity at CFSS: exploring new tools

Favorite Activities Outside of CFSS: playing drums

Dream Travel Destination: New Zealand

Fun Fact: He enjoys martial arts

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Zachary Perozzi

Solar Designer

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