Cassandra is our featured employee of August 2019. Cassandra has been with CFSS for a little over three years.

About Cassandra

Born: Chicago, Illinois

Pets: Mishka (Siberian Husky-Dog), Miss Paco (Egyptian Mau-Cat), Mr. Jeezy (Rescue-Cat), Jafar (Silver Arowana-Fish), Pancho (Chinese Hi-Fin Shark-Fish), Itchy Dude 1,2,3,4,&5 (all Clown Loaches-Fish) 

Foods : Tacos, Seafood

TV Shows : The Walking Dead, Vikings

Favorite CFSS Activities : Staff Development, Media Relations, Graphic Design, & Planning Team Events

Favorite Activities (when not at CFSS): Boxing, Kayaking, Glamping, Hiking, Painting, & Reading 

Dream Travel Destination: Iceland and Disney

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