Dear Partners and Friends,
Times and seasons of God determine all God's works in the earth. Even Solomon in all his wisdom acknowledged that all the works of God are weaved through the span of time!
Since my Bible school days in South Africa, the Lord began to show me some of His end time financial plans for the church.
On Tuesday August 17, 1993 during a morning revival service in North Carolina, the Lord showed me the great blessing of the gold and the glory outpouring of God in the last day church.

In 1995 the Lord instructed me to publish in book form the secrets of wealth for the time of the final harvest of souls.

The result was the book entitled "THE GOLD AND THE GLORY OF THE END TIME CHURCH". The book was released on June 7, 1996 and became a prophetic declaration of what was to come to the church financially at a later time.

Now after 20 years, the time for the wealth transfer to the church is here--beginning in this new year of 2017. The publishing of the book back in 1996 was a miracle in itself. At the time the Lord supernaturally provided over $100,000 in one gift to take care of this project as well as the overheads of the ministry for several months in the preparation of this writing.

During this coming weekend, March 17-19, we will record on video several messages regarding the gold and glory as we are starting a new "business fellowship" for all business Christians across America.

A separate section on the website will be devoted to this new division of our ministry. Here we will explain the new ministry and how it will function to the benefit of God's people.

We will use the new GHM Business Fellowship as a ministry to reach out across America to conduct business seminars and meetings.  In these business meetings we know the Lord will impart special anoitings for our business people.  These anoitings will soon result in FINANCIAL MIRACLES in business!
This week I have begun to revise and update the Gold and Glory book and prepare a new edition for printing later this year. Please pray for this project also. I am excited for the new edition of the Gold and Glory, knowing the Lord will use it to bless many people and prepare them for the wealth transfer of God.

The time for wealth and abundance is now, and we will reach out aggressively and begin to take this part of the Kingdom of God by force.


Check the website and Facebook regularly for new videos and meetings regarding the Gold and Glory of God.

God bless,
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