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January 2019
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Staff Profile:
amy schilz

Amy Schilz, senior lead animal keeper, gives us a glimpse into her daily life.

Amy and her team take care of CMZoo's African lions, giraffe and okapi. She fuels her passion for training and conservation with yearly trips to, "pay it forward," helping zoo keepers in Belize learn animal husbandry techniques.

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What's New:
Meet alexander and penelope, cmzoo's common warthogs
As we prepare for the opening of Water's Edge: Africa later this summer, we're excited to introduce the future exhibit's newest residents, Penelope and Alexander, eight-month-old common warthogs.

Have you ever seen a warthog do "zoomies"? Click below to learn about these two rambunctious siblings who will live alongside our hippos, and perhaps even venture outside to meet our guests face-to-snout!

Animal Encounter:
meet abuto, cmzoo's african lion pride patriarch
Abuto, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's seven-year-old male African lion, often wows guests with his remarkable roar, striking mane and impressive intelligence. He has many roles, including ambassador, inspiration and patriarch.

CMZoo's Dr. Liza Dadone Assists with First-Ever West African Giraffe Relocation in Niger, africa

The ongoing goal of Operation Sahel Giraffe is to expand the number of West African giraffe by relocating giraffe from the "giraffe zone," where resources are limited, to Niger's Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve (GBR), an area conservationists have identified as a site for a flagship wildlife reserve in Niger. West African giraffe haven't occupied GBR for nearly 50 years.

The need was evident, the plan was in place and the partners were invested. Now, the team of conservationists, veterinarians, giraffe experts and local guides needed to put the plan into motion. 

The Golden Years :
It's All About Balance for Aging Meerkat, Bomani
When you weigh less than two-and-a-half pounds and live across the way from six African elephants, it could be easy to feel overlooked. 

Not so for Bomani, who lives the bachelor life with his brothers, snacking on crunchy treats, playing games, guarding the mob from perceived predators and receiving special attention from CMZoo vet staff and keepers who make sure this aging Encounter Africa resident is as healthy and comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Explore and Learn :
Teen Adventure Program 
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's teen program is a year-round hands-on platform for teenagers who take an interest in the environment. Through experiences gained with wildlife and wild places, teen program attendees learn to become stewards of the environment in their roles as students and beyond. 

One way that we engage our Cheyenne Mountain Zoo teen program community is through outdoor adventure experiences. We offer trips year round that connect teens to local, national and international wildlife and wild places. Each destination, adventure, and educational opportunity is intentional.