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March 2019
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Sat., April 13
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Sat., April 28
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Sat., May 18
8:30 a.m.

Malaika, African Elephant, Breaks Tusk
CMZoo staff works with international specialists to provide best care
In February, Malaika, a 33-year-old African elephant who lives at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, broke her tusk while playing with a log. Since then, her keepers, trainers and vet staff have been weighing her best options for care.

Animal care manager, Jason, provides the latest update on Malaika and talks about ways you can support conservation efforts to protect African elephants in the wild.

Siamang, Eve, Undergoes Life-Saving Emergency Surgery
cmzoo and Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital partner to save 7-year-old gibbon
In early March 2019, keepers noticed normally-active Eve was not using her left foot or leg. Under anesthesia, CMZoo vet staff did a comprehensive exam including radiographs, and determined she needed immediate and extensive treatment.

That same night, Dr. Matt Johnston, Dr. Rebecca Webb and Dr. Sarah Marvel, from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, joined our vet team for an after-hours surgery that saved Eve's life. 

Annual Member Vote Keeps CMZoo on the Frontlines of Conservation

Since 2015, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Member Conservation Grants has provided $300,000 of membership revenue to support field conservation worldwide. Last year, members voted to fund projects from Central Asia to right here in Colorado. Once again, it is time for members to help CMZoo decide which staff-championed conservation projects will receive full funding.

Checking in with Roxie, 42-Year-Old Western Lowland Gorilla

Born in 1976 at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Roxie is one of our most iconic animals. As she ages, keepers take appropriate precautions to keep her well.  Hear from her primary keeper, Mandy, about how this Golden Girl is doing.

Staff Profile: Austin Kennedy
CMZoo Teen Programs Supervisor

Meet Austin, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the CMZoo Nature Trail and learn about Austin's passion for her work.

Make Memories to Last a Lifetime 
plan ahead for Loft Animal Encounters, Art Experiences and Animal Care Classes

With keeper talks and animal demonstrations throughout the day, The Loft provides hands-on and up-close opportunities with smaller animals like tortoises, skunks, snakes, lizards and more.

My Big Backyard is home to chickens, bunnies and a treehouse that houses amphibians and invertebrates.

What you may not know is that with a little planning, your afternoon at the Zoo could foster lifelong memories, connections and inspiration. 

Read on to learn about private animal encounters, animal painting experiences, and keeper-led educational programs that will inspire children of all ages to appreciate the little animals of the world who are so vital to our planet's complex ecosystems.