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April 2019
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Checking in with Charlie's Baby Howler Monkey
In March, CMZoo howler monkey, Charlie, became a first-time-mom. We checked in with CMZoo lead keeper, Michelle Salido, for an update on the baby and to hear the story of the afternoon Charlie went into labor on exhibit.

CMZoo Prepares Headstart Wyoming Toads for Release into the Wild
cmzoo continues work to repopulate Wyoming toads, listed as extinct in the wild
As amphibians face mass extinction, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's conservation team works to repopulate the Wyoming toad. Hear from Field Conservation Coordinator, Jeff Baughman, about what's contributing to the widespread eradication, what CMZoo is doing to try to stop it, and how you can help.

CMZoo's Animal Training Program Includes Preparation for Injections and Blood Draws

Providing excellent health care for the hundreds of animals at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo comes in many forms. Depending on their individual needs, animals might receive special diets, exercise plans, laser therapy treatments, vaccines, medications and more. Their health care plans often involve injections, both proactively in the form of annual vaccinations, and reactively with medications that can help them through an illness or injury.

Just as Children's Hospital Colorado provides tips to help children overcome the fear of shots  , CMZoo Animal Behavior Programs Manager Rick Hester shared his approach to helping CMZoo's animals respond comfortably to necessary injections and blood draws.

Celebrating CMZoo's Animal Matriarchs

In anticipation of Mother's Day, we're celebrating some of the animal matriarchs who live with their offspring at CMZoo. Take a walk down memory lane as we remember their adorable babies and check in with the moms and their growing offspring today.

CMZoo Horticulture Team Shares Colorado Gardening Tips, Prepares for Plant Sale

Which plants attract early pollinators? Which will help you conserve water? What kind of maintenance should you make a priority this time of year? CMZoo's horticulture team answers all of these questions and more.

In case you missed it:
CMZoo Welcomes Endangered Mexican Wolf Pup to Luna and Navarro's Pack
Singleton pup born friday, april 19

A Mexican wolf pup was born at 5:10 a.m. Friday, April 19, 2019 to second-time parents, Luna and Navarro, to the excitement of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff and guests. The pup appears to be strong, and Luna is exhibiting quality maternal instincts.

Summer Camp Registration: NOW OPEN
It may feel like spring just arrived, but it is time to start planning for summer vacation! 

With Zoo Camp options for kindergarten through 12th grade, there is truly an adventure for everyone.

New this year: each camp week has an over-arching theme that all grade levels will explore in their own adventurous ways (more about that below). There are also new ways for families to get involved with camp this year, featuring a few "Flock Parties" during the evenings.