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May  2019
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Scutes Family Gallery will soon welcome two new residents: Mike and Sully.

As venomous lizards, the two male Gila monsters require special handling. In this video, learn how to identify Mike from Sully, their interesting adaptations, and how you can help protect this near-endangered species.

cmzoo staff share six "pro tips" to help make the most of your next visit to america's mountain zoo

As the summer season ramps up and we welcome guests from near and far to our unique Zoo, we thought we'd tap into our team of CMZoo experts to see how they make the most of their days visiting the Zoo.

From walking the Zoo backwards, to knowing insider secrets about when to grab the best picnic table, this article offers six 'pro tips' that we hope will help you enjoy Cheyenne Mountain Zoo like a pro.

Mashama, 9-year-old reticulated giraffe, is known for his outgoing personality and energetic presence in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe herd. Lately, though, Mashama has been dealing with some foot and leg issues.

"We've discovered that Mashama has sprained ligaments and a fracture in his right foot," said Dr. Liza Dadone, CMZoo head veterinarian and VP of mission and programs. "Combine those issues with a ligament strain in his right front wrist [that looks like the right front knee], which preceded the fracture, and we have a pretty complex case to solve."

Learn more about Mashama's treatment options, and watch as Mashama gets a new specialized shoe that his care team applied mid-May.

Students at Rockrimmon Elementary School, in Colorado Springs, are getting their hands dirty (with resounding encouragement from their teachers) to make an important environmental contribution, thanks to their passionate school leaders, supportive communities and a grant from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo members.

In 2018, CMZoo members voted to provide three $3,000 grants to help local schools establish pollinator gardens, totaling $9,000 in support. Rockrimmon Elementary, Penrose Elementary and Remington Elementary received their grants in March 2019. With the arrival of spring in Colorado, they're now hard at work preparing their gardens to nurture flora dedicated to feeding pollinators, like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds in search of natural food sources.

Hippo and Penguin exhibits to open in phases, starting late summer

CMZoo animal care manager, Jeremy Dillon, shows off some of the exciting features in Water's Edge: Africa, the hippo and penguin exhibit set to open in phases starting late summer 2019.

Three adorable six-week-old mountain lion cubs came to live at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Tuesday evening, after being orphaned in Washington state. The two sisters and their brother, who still bear the camouflaging spots of young cubs, were found in their den last week.

You're the first to see this latest footage from their temporary quarantine location at the Zoo. The video shows them eating well, cuddling, playing together and becoming seemingly comfortable in their new surroundings. To read their full story, click here.

In case you missed it:
Enter your Calf birthdate guess to win a giraffe herd experience
Msitu (muh-SEE'-too), a 10-year-old reticulated giraffe at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is pregnant, according to various test results and experts. CMZoo veterinary staff and giraffe keepers believe she is likely to have a calf in the next two months.

CMZoo is inviting the public to make its own guesses about when the newest member of the CMZoo giraffe herd will be born at The person who guesses the correct hour, minute and date of birth will win a behind-the-scenes animal encounter with the CMZoo giraffe herd.

Each year, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo members vote to select which CMZoo staff-championed conservation projects will receive funding. This year, $75,000 was allocated to support projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Kenya, Laos, Vietnam, and right here, in Colorado Springs.

Since 2015, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo member conservation grants have provided $375,000 of membership revenue to support field conservation worldwide. These funds are contributed directly by the Zoo's members, as a part of their membership fees.

First-time parents, Chalupa and Bosco, CMZoo's Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloths, welcomed their adorable baby to the world on May 14, 2019.

Mom and baby are bonding well in Monkey Pavilion, where guests can visit them any day of the week!