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August  2019
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new hippo and penguin exhibit to open this fall
Water's Edge: Africa Animal Care Manager, Jeremy Dillon, shares the latest from the hippo and penguin exhibit, set to open this fall.

two-year-old rae sets off for lincoln park zoo in september

In September 2019, Rae, two-year-old CMZoo reticulated giraffe, will be embarking on her next adventure as an animal ambassador at Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, Ill. 

The daughter of Msitu and Khalid, and sister of newborn, Viv, and six-year-old, Emy, who now lives in Peoria, Ill., will be dearly missed by CMZoo staff and giraffe fans. But, as she joins a new herd, she will have the opportunity to reach and inspire a new group of people who are sure to fall in love with the curious and social giraffe, as so many did during her time at CMZoo.

In anticipation of Rae's move, Kayla Ringuette, a CMZoo giraffe keeper who has a special bond with Rae, shared some of her favorite memories of Rae.

Have you noticed a few new faces and interesting accents around CMZoo lately? Get to know some of our visiting keepers, from Melbourne Zoo, in Australia, and hear about their favorite experiences from their time with us!

When you think of vultures, chances are you don't picture heroic, beacons of hope contributing to a strong and healthy ecosystem. That's because vultures sometimes get a bad rap in our society, often depicted negatively due to their scavenger status.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been supporting vulture conservation in various ways since 2009, including currently as a Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) animal beneficiary. 

Senior Lead Keeper, Jenyva Fox, has been hard at work changing the way guests perceive and understand vultures - in part by organizing International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD), celebrated annually at CMZoo, on the first Saturday in September. This year, vulture keepers will host activities from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7.
Sponsored by Children's Hospital Colorado
In humans, physical activity not only benefits physical health but mental health as well. At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the training and enrichment the animals can choose to participate in are also beneficial.

Research has shown that kids who have moderate physical activity in their day show increased attention, comprehension and learning ability, as our sponsor, Children's Hospital Colorado explains in this article

The same is true for animals, which is why CMZoo keepers and trainers make daily enrichment and training a priority for the animals in their care, all with positive reinforcement.

Bring your used crayons to us
Did you know each year up to 75,000 pounds of broken or unwanted crayons are thrown away and end up in U.S. landfills?

Crayons are made of paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum or crude oil, which negatively impacts wildlife where drilling occurs. Crayons can also leave a waxy sludge in landfills, which doesn't decompose for decades.

Throughout the new school year, instead of throwing away used crayons, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo guests can donate them. CMZoo's Coloring for Conservation team makes Coloring Critters: animal-shaped crayons made from recycled crayons.

In case you missed it:
In our unbiased opinion, Penelope's recent portraits are definitely the cutest back-to-school photos of all time. Penelope is a fantastic student, and we can't wait to show off her training to guests once Water's Edge: Africa opens this fall.

In case you missed it:
Baby Sloth is Named Bean
On Tuesday, May 14, CMZoo Hoffman's two-toed sloths, Chalupa and Bosco, welcomed a new addition to Monkey Pavilion. 

We're happy to introduce you to BEAN! We can't guarantee you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Bean, but he/she is becoming more active, even starting to climb around on the ropes. 

If you're visiting CMZoo  soon, make sure you stop by Monkey Pavilion to try and spot the little one.

In case you missed it:
Mountain Lion Cubs Get Names
The mountain lion cubs now have access to all three outdoor yards, so guests can see them exploring their new digs. While the cubs play, guests are most likely going to find Kaya lounging in the shaded, rocky area near the windows of the exhibit. We had waited to give them access until they grew a little larger and we could ensure the fencing was secure enough for some playful cubs. 

Additionally, the cubs have all been named! The pink-nosed female is Sequoia, the dark-nosed female is Adira and the male cub is Sitka.
It's been a few months since mountain lion siblings roamed the three yards, and we're so happy to see the cubs enjoying their new home at  #CMZoo. Stop by to watch them romp around the next time you're in Rocky Mountain Wild!