Here are 5 facts regarding Vitamin D:

  1. If we are deficient in Vitamin D the body will only absorb around 15% of ingested Calcium....not good!
  2. Sunscreen actually promotes Vitamin D deficiency (John Hopkins study, 2008)
  3. Vitamin D plays a significant role in synovial fluid production. This fluid lubricates the joints, so D plays a huge role in bone AND joint health.
  4. Vitamin D is the most powerful anti-cancer nutrient known to modern science and has been shown to prevent up to 77 different cancers.
  5. Cod Liver Oil is the #1 food source of Vitamin D

Here is a wonderful supplement for Vitamin D if needed: Vitamin D thorne

*remember, Coach Jeff has zero financial ties to any supplement company in the world, I make no money only suggestions for you.

Be Well!!