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Connor's Car Show this Saturday
Join Jim at Connor's Car Show April 22nd  Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Pkwy, Keller, TX
Over 700 amazing cars will be on display with plenty of great food and fun for the whole family.
Live THI broadcast Noon - 4pm
Connor’s Car Show is put on to raise awareness and inclusion about Down Syndrome. It also raises funds to support Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas, White Bridle Therapy and Cook Children’s Medical Center.
Come out and support a great cause!  
Standing water can be harmful to your foundation and landscaping, but what is the difference between a Surface and a French drain?
A French drain is sub-surface with a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. As water hits the gravel it travels to the pipe which redirects water away from an area.
Surface drains are catch basins that capture the water at low points in the yard and divert that water using a solid pipe.
While French drains can be very effective it is much more common to need a surface drain. Using a perforated pipe with surface drain or gutter down spout can create problems as that pipe with only inject the water back into the soil.

Tip: When a Loose Screw Just Won't Catch
Do you have sagging hinges or maybe when rebuilding wood furniture you discover the existing holes are stretched and the screw no longer catches? Here is a super simple fix:
Slide a few toothpicks (or matchsticks) into the hole before the screw. The screw will then be able to grip on to the soft wood and create a snug and secure fit.

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Fix Unsightly Nail Holes in Drywall
Charlie has visible nail holes resurfacing on his wall. Jim describes the right products and method to use to prevent it from happening again.
Raising a Sinking Pool Deck
Jim describes the causes and remedies for sinking concrete around a swimming pool.
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May 19-21 - Ft. Worth Home & Garden Show
Will Rogers Memorial Center at Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall
Live Broadcast Sat. May 20th Noon-4pm
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