December 2017 (98)
Installing Christmas Lights
Video from the THI archives...
Jim shares his top tips for how to install outdoor Christmas lights.
And a story about how NOT to install them...ahh, we were all young once.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
What is Causing that "Glub-Glub" Sound?
Even after the plumber's visit Kevin is still hearing a "glub-glub" sound from the upstairs bathroom. Jim thinks he has a venting problem and tells him the DIY fix.

Bring Natural Wood Back to Life

One of our most requested tips: Jim has an easy method to refresh the natural wood around your house - cabinets, furniture, doors and more.

Video Available: Understanding Radiant Barrier
What is radiant barrier and how does it work? Jim discusses radiant barriers, which he thinks are greatly underutilized, with Brock Emmons or DFW Radiant Barrier & Insulation.
Fireplace Safety
It just might cool down enough in Texas for a fire over the holidays. Be smart and take the right steps when lighting the fire this winter.

Creating a perfect fire starts with using seasoned firewood cut to the correct length. To start a safe fire, crumple paper on the grate within the fireplace and cover it with kindling or a manufactured firestarter. Open the fireplace damper fully and light the paper. Once the kindling or the firestarter is burning brightly, add dry seasoned wood to the fire and shut the firescreen. It's important to avoid overloading the fireplace so the firewood doesn't tumble out. A couple of logs will suffice. Burning a manufactured firelog purchased from the grocery or hardware store is a good alternative to firewood, and does not require paper to get the fire started.

Remember to:
  Clean out ashes from previous fires.
  Open the damper.
  Use a fireplace grate.
  Keep glass doors open during the fire. 
  Use fireplace tools to tend the fire.
  Always close the firescreen when in use.
  Never burn garbage, rolled newspapers, charcoal or plastic in the fireplace.
  Never use gasoline or any liquid accelerant to help start a fire.
  Never leave a fire unattended.
  Make sure the fire is completely out before going to bed or leaving the house.
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