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Dealing with Standing Water:
French vs. Surface Drains
Standing water can be harmful to your foundation and landscaping, installing a drain can help, but which one?

French drain is sub-surface with a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel. As water hits the gravel it travels to the pipe which redirects water away from an area.
Surface drains are catch basins that capture the water at low points in the yard and divert that water using a solid pipe.
While French drains can be very effective it is much more common to need a surface drain. And please be aware using a perforated pipe with surface drain or gutter down spout can create problems as that pipe with only inject the water right back into the soil.

Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Jim talks about the circumstances when you may want it done and what to look out for if you do.

The Ugly Truth about Water Damage
Water and wood do not mix. Jim addresses the potential problems and what you need to be watching out for at your house.

What Type of Radiant Barrier is Right for You?
Recently Jim has answered a lot of questions about radiant barrier types and applications. Jim loves radiant barriers, but you need to get the right fit for your house.
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