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Featured Video: Dissimilar Metals
Can result in pinholes or corrosion of copper pipes
When replacing his own AC system Jim found an example of the copper pipes joined with galvanized metal. This old "technology" can lead to big problems with water or AC copper piping.

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Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Adding a Gas Range
Don wants to put a gas range in to his all electric home. Since he doesn't have natural gas available Jim talks him through adding propane and reviews how much it will cost.

What Jim Looks for When House Shopping
Jim reveals what his expert eye is looking for when purchasing a house. Focusing closely on what might need fixing or replacing like the foundation, roof, plumbing and more.
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What Kind Insulation are your Window Treatments Providing?
What is R-Value and Why Does it Matter for Window Treatments?
Everything in your house that insulates, from the roof to your window treatments, has an R-value. That number indicates how effective it is at stopping thermal energy from going through it. A larger R-value means a more effective insulator.
So what difference does the R-value of a window covering make? Well, a more energy efficient window treatment makes it easier to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. That’s extra crucial for your windows, because they’re a big culprit for energy loss in your home.
Every window treatment is not made equal, at least not in terms of energy efficiency. Though there can be some difference based on the material and thickness between different vendors and makes, above is what you’re likely to find when comparing window treatments.
A quick study of the table tells you a few things. The first is the fact that some window treatments offer almost no benefit at all (looking at you, blinds), whereas others are insulating powerhouses. That difference in R-value can mean a difference of several degrees – enough to make an impact in whether or not you turn on your AC.
Something else you might notice is that what the window treatment is made out of makes a big difference. Cellular shades, which are made with a number of insulating layers designed to trap heat, can put a stop to energy flow much better than pleated shades.
The same way, Polywood® plantation shutters, built from a solid-body faux wood compound, can keep out heat a to a much greater degree than hardwood shutters. That’s because natural wood can be cavernous, with random knots and holes that let heat flow through them easily. Polywood shutters, combined with seamless weather stripping, make a solid seal on your window when closed, which is why they have that best in class R-value of 6 and up. 

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