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House Raising
Many Texans have experienced flooding first hand. Staying in your home and out of flood waters can be done by raising the entire house. Jim's company has been raising structures since 1989.
Portable Generators
Most Texans weather severe storms and are willing to ride out brief power outages in the process. But some homeowners experience longer and more frequent outages and are looking to be prepared for the next inevitable power failure. There are two basic options for home generators: standby and portable. Standby generators offer a steadfast solution to extended outages. Unlike portable generators, they're installed permanently on a concrete pad in your yard and will provide uninterrupted backup for days. Standby generators are safer and operate automatically but come with a much higher price tag.
Many of us live where power outages are less frequent and may only last a few hours. In this case a portable generator can be an excellent option. Portable generators are capable of powering your home’s essential appliances. They are considerably less expensive than standby generators—and all in all, they are fairly user-friendly—but a portable generator does require manual operation and close monitoring.
A portable model will work right out of the box, meaning you can add gas and oil, fire it up, and plug in the equipment you want to power. With either standby or portable models you will need to hire a electrician to install a transfer switch, a device that allows you to connect your generator to your home’s circuit breaker panel. That pre paratory step means you can power entire circuits rather than using extension cords to plug in equipment and devices one at a time.
Consumer Reports has done extensive testing on the portable generators available out there now. Their best rated portable generators and top picks for keeping the lights on during the next power outage can be found here .
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Buying a house?
Here is what Jim looks for...
Jim is asked what he looks for when buying a new house. His answers may surprise you. He lists elements of construction and materials that most homeowners don't even consider .
A fix for nail pops in drywall

 Charlie noticed nail heads popping through on an area near his ceiling. Jim explains why this happens and how to fix it.

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Up close look at innovative shingles. Onduvilla shingles are the hottest in Texas as they deliver the look homeowners want and the durability Texas weather demands.
Texas Home Improvement takes a deeper look at various topics on our blog. Click here and bookmark it . It is updated regularly.
Who needs an engineer when remodeling? More people than you think.
Some homeowners skip bringing out an engineer to evaluate the project and end up paying big in the end.
Special Edition Super Podcast:
Air Conditioning
This time of year Jim gets a massive amount of questions regarding air conditioning issues. We put together some of our most popular hot weather audio into one super podcast. 
Fix or replace...comparing new AC units...duct cleaning...shutting vents to unused rooms...shading your outdoor AC unit...ductless vs. window unit & more.
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