July 2018 (115)
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Options for a New AC System
When it is time to replace your whole AC system there are some big decisions to make. Going with the basic or cheap system can be an attractive option, but it could end up costing you more. This video outlines the differences that should be considered for systems at different price points - thanks Advent Air !
Sealing Air Leaks
This summer keep the cool air inside!
Texas summers are hot and air leaks in your home can waste a lot of your energy dollars. If you are ready to save energy - and money it is time to caulk, seal, and weather strip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside.
We immediately think of sealing windows and doors, but don't overlook other areas such as recessed lights, outlets and switches that let the cool air out.
The folks at Energy.gov have put together some great tips regarding sealing air leaks and offer good how-to's for getting the job done.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Solar Protection for Windows
screens vs. films
Protecting your windows from direct sun saves energy and prevents damage to furniture, flooring, etc. Jim generally prefers the film and here is why...

Options When Living in a
Flood Plain
Ronnie lives in a flood plain and wonders what he can do to prevent water from coming in. Is plugging the vents in the bricks a good idea?

Watering Your Foundation

This record heat is baking our soils...

If you live where there is black gumbo clay soils then you need to water your foundation year-round. Jim tells you why and how to set-up your own foundation watering system.

THI Super Podcast
Listen to the best calls every week on the podcast.
This week features:
  • Getting an engineer's report on foundations
  • An AC system that can't keep up with the heat outside
  • Best time of year to buy a new AC system and what to look for
  • Slab vs. pier & beam foundation for new build
  • Comparing house raising methods
  • Insulating a new metal roof
  • Dealing with moldy grout......and more!

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