June 2017 (88)
Choosing the Right Contractor
If you are considering improvements to your home in this summer, please use the following checklist when selecting a contractor. Price is only one factor when selecting a company to do the work.
Know the right questions to ask:


  • Does your company have general liability Insurance and Workman's Comp?
  • Will your company's insurance agent provide me with verification of insurance?
  • What sort of warranty do you provide for work and materials?
  • Is the warranty transferable to future owners?
  • Does your industry require a license? If so, is the license holder on staff?
  • Can your company assist in insurance claims?
  • Will I be able to remain on the premises during the repair?
  • Can you provide me with a list of customers for references?  
  • Is it your responsibility to clean up any mess made on my property?
  • Will you follow up once the job is completed to check on the quality of the work?
  • Also, make sure you ask how long the current company has been in business under the same name and ownership.
Our website THIPro.com has a list of trusted contractors that Texas Home Improvement is proud to be associated with. In fact, Jim has used most all of these contractors for his own home and business. You can contact them with confidence!

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Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Varying Water Pressure
Ty has noticed varying water pressure in the shower and some sinks. Is there something wrong with the system at his house or is the city water pressure to blame? Jim also talks about the option of installing a pressure regulator.

Should You Close AC Vents in Unused Rooms?
It is very tempting to close the vents in little used rooms in an attempt to save energy and money. Jim explains why this can be a big mistake.

Tip of the Week

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Are Your Trees Healthy? Your Safety May be at Stake.
During a recent rain storm a large limb on an older tree came crashing down. It landed on a car, thankfully unoccupied. It also tore down power lines and a power pole with a transformer. Fortunately no one was hurt and the home suffered limited damage.

After closer inspection a tree expert noted that the limb was rotting and should have been removed some time ago. 

When you are inspecting your property for areas that need repair or improvement don't forget your trees. We recommend having an arborist out annually to evaluate your trees and do the necessary pruning in order to keep them healthy and keep you safe.
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