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Choosing the Right Interior Paint
When it’s time for new paint, choosing the right paint will give you the best coverage and the look you want. Good paint should wear well and provide easy cleaning and maintenance for the surface it covers. Unless you don’t mind painting again in a few years, Jim suggests splurging on the top-of-the-line paint. The few extra dollars spent per gallon can mean easier application, and a better finish that will last for years longer.

This ”lacquered” look provides high durability and easy cleaning. It’s a great choice for contemporary spaces used on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, interior doors, and trim. It’s ultra-shiny and reflects light, however, it does show imperfections on walls and ceilings.
Provides high durability and easy cleaning with a slightly lower sheen than high gloss. It’s good for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, walls and trim where moisture, spills, and grease stains are a problem. It is used less often as paint technology has improved and trends have changed.
Provides high durability and easy cleaning. With a velvety, soft finish, it works well in high-traffic area like foyers, hallways, family rooms, and children’s bedrooms. Satin paint is a popular finish for cabinetry, trim, & doors, but it can show roller or brush strokes with improper application.
Eggshel l
Provides medium durability and cleaning and has only a slight luster. It’s most often used on walls in areas like living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It can also be used areas in kitchen and bath with lower risk of ‘splash’ exposure if you want the low sheen finish.
Flat or Matte
Provides medium-low durability and cleaning. Flat paint has the most pigment and provides the most coverage on walls since it doesn’t reflect any light. It works well in interior spaces that don’t get much wear-and-tear. While it is not as durable, it is easy to touch up.
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