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Custom Built Shed
Brian McFarling, Executive Producer of Texas Home Improvement, was in desperate need of a new shed. The old shed was deteriorating and his lawn equipment was damaged each time it rained. Pete with Sheds by Firemen arrived with a truckload of lumber and he and his crew got to work. 
The process took about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish and the end result is a shed that fits Brian's backyard perfectly and looks fantastic. The build quality is something you just won't find from a store bought, pre-built shed.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Replacing an Old AC System
Don's friend is ready to replace a 20 year old AC system and Jim advises him on what to consider and pricing.

Treating Mold on House Exterior
Ron has mold growing on his gutters and back porch and is seeking the most effective and safest way to remove it.

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Houston Reacts to Devastation of Harvey
New Building and Remodeling Rules take effect September 1
Houston earlier this year approved flood protection reform proposals striving to protect lives and property in any future Houston floods. The new rules for future construction of homes and buildings in flood plains will take effect Sept. 1, close to the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, which brought record-high rainfall to Houston, flooded hundreds of thousands of dwellings and triggered the deaths of dozens of people in Harris County.
The ordinance covers new construction and any existing home that’s expanded by 33 percent or more — existing homes are grandfathered and don’t have to be elevated.
New construction will have to sit two feet above the 500-year flood-plain, which is land predicted to flood during a once-every-500-years storm (17-19 inches of rain in 24 hours). The soon-to-expire standard was set at one foot above the 100-year flood plain, land that is predicted to flood during a once-every-100-years (13-14 inches of rain in 24 hours).
To those looking to build or remodel this year:
Please consider applying for all permits prior to September 1st to avoid application of new ordinance to your project.

Don't Forget to Change the AC Filter
Keep your home cooler. Keep your system running efficiently.
Prevent system breakdown. Change your filter regularly.
AC Filter Rule:
Every inch thickness of your filter means one month of filter life.
1 inch = 1 month
If your filter is one inch thick change it every month. If it is 3 inches thick change it quarterly, etc.
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