May 2017 (84)
Roofing fraud is rampant in Texas. Hundreds, likely thousands, have been scammed by roofers that take the insurance money and run.
It may only be a small step, but state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione has introduced a bill in the Legislature that calls for a voluntary certification for storm-chasing roofers to register with the state. Homeowners would use the state-created certification list as a starting point to find an honest company.
A bill like this is good for Texas homeowners and honest contractors.
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Storing Leftover Paint
It is a great idea to save leftover paint for future touch-ups, but proper storage is imperative.  To keep the water in and the microorganisms out store it in an airtight container. You can use the original can or transfer the paint to a clean jar with a screw-on lid. Keep it at room temperature. Texas heat will kill paint so don't put it in the garage or shed!
How to tell if it has gone bad? If the lid is popping up or the can is bulging microorganisms are eating the paint and giving off gas. Other signs that a paint is past its prime include a thick, rubber-like film topping the paint, or when the paint won't mix well or stay blended. 

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