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Year-Round Energy Savings
Get 20% off your installation for radiant barrier.
Jim's #1 recommendation for energy savings year-round is radiant barrier. Years back he installed it in his house and saw a 50% drop in his winter energy bills.

Why does it work in the winter as well as the summer? Because heat always moves from hot areas to cold areas, radiant barrier prevents heat transfer from the warm interior during the cooler winter months. In the winter, 50 to 70% of the heat escaping through the ceiling and roof is radiant heat. The radiant barrier, laying on the floor of the attic, will reflect 95% of the radiant heat that is lost through the ceiling back into the home. Keeping summer heat out and winter heat in helps to improve temperature consistency and decrease the workload your HVAC system must maintain to keep your living space comfortable. This helps to extend the life of your HVAC system.

There are dozens of options for radiant barriers and homeowners can be confused when it comes time to make a selection for their home. While a simple application can help, a complete custom application can mean saving like those Jim experienced. Get an expert out to evaluate your home.

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Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
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Replacing Old Siding
Can new siding just go over the old stuff?

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