October 2017 (96)
How to Save Trees After Flooding
After Harvey and other severe summer storms many suffered damage to their property including their trees. Arborist Matt Latham sat down with THI to share what steps need to be taken to save those trees that have been impacted.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Setting A Flagstone Walkway
A listener called the show after having trouble setting the flagstones around his pool deck. Jim shared his methods for setting flagstones, pavers or other landscaping elements.
Chimney Leaks
When homeowners notice water in or around the firebox they often look in the wrong places to find the leak. Jim tells you where to look and who to call to fix it.

How to Fix a Ghosting Door
Do you have a door that slowly
opens or closes on its own?
Well, that is called “ghosting” and there is a pretty quick fix. Pull out one of the pins in in the door – normally, if it’s a three-hinge door, pull the middle pin. You may need to tap a screwdriver with a hammer to coax it free. Take it out to your garage and with a hammer rap the shaft of the pin just once. That will put an ever-so-slight bow into it. Drive the pin back into the hinge. The slight bend will create enough resistance that the door won’t swing by itself anymore, and you have taken care of your ghosting problem.

Learn More - Visit the New THI Blog
Hey THI family! Come explore the THI Blog on thipro.com . This is where we will be posting information about new content, as well as new sponsors that we bring onto the show. We want this to be a resource for you to get valuable information + entertainment. Our goal is to always bring you the best advice and put you in contact with the best professionals.
There are some projects that you can do yourself and others that are best left to the experts. Part of what we will be posting is information on how to tell whether your project is a DIY or a CTP (Call The Pro's) kind of project. 
We also want to hear from you. We love getting to hear your stories of your home improvement projects and how they turned out. So, if you have a story or a project that you would like us to share or if you worked with one of our sponsors and want to share that experience please reach out to us! You can email tim@thipro.com. Please include photos and details.
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