October 2018 (121)
Please Shut The Door!
Sleeping with the door closed can mean the difference between life and death if there is a house fire.

This house fire moved quickly through this home at night. But notice the closed bedroom door at the end of the hallway...
The room and its occupant were protected.
The heat and smoke in front of that door would have taken lives, behind the closed door you will have valuable time to plan a way out or be rescued.
Many parents are hesitant to close their child's door as they want to be able to hear them at night. Experts say use a baby monitor so you can still hear your child while keeping them safe.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Protecting Your Home From Lightning
Many of the electronics in John's home were knocked out after it was hit by lightning. He asked Jim is there anything he can do to prevent this in the future. The answer is yes...

Seal Bricks To Stop Leaks
When the heavy rain persists many homeowners are noticing water leaking through their brick. Some are noticing mildew growing on the wet brick. Jim recommends a sealant. He used one at his house.

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Beautiful Custom Tables
One-of-a-kind tables built to last generations.
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Ghosting Door
Do you have a door that slowly 
opens or closes on its own?

Well, that is called “ghosting” and there is a pretty quick fix. Pull out one of the pins in in the door hinge – normally, if it’s a three-hinge door, pull the middle pin. You may need to tap a screwdriver with a hammer to coax it free. Take it out to your garage and with a hammer rap the shaft of the pin just once. That will put an ever-so-slight bow into it. Drive the pin back into the hinge. The slight bend will create enough resistance that the door won’t swing by itself anymore, and you have taken care of your ghosting problem.

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