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Video Now Available: House Raising
For many homeowners who have experienced flooding having their home raised can be an excellent option. Prior to Harvey, Jim and Du-West raised this Houston home four feet. Watch how it is done and learn the techniques used so that the homeowners were able to stay in the home with all utilities working throughout the process.
...and yes, this home was saved from flooding during Harvey.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Best Materials for Workbench Surface
Jim talks about his preferences when building his own workbench.

Slow Draining Sink
Earl's bathroom sinks are slow. Jim gives him solutions that don't involve harsh chemicals.

#1 Most Important Element When Selecting Cabinets:

Prioritize the Layout : We’ve all heard in real estate that the three most important factors are: location, location, location. When it comes to your kitchen think: design, design, design. Surprisingly, many people place little emphasis on the most crucial part of their project - the layout.
Let the Pros Measure : Do not work with someone that has not come out to your home to measure. The layout needs to address the necessary structural or mechanical changes that results in the best plan for your project. I’ve seen far too many disastrous results from people taking their own measurements over to a hardware or surplus store for a free evaluation and quote. Don’t do it, certainly you’ve heard, “You get what you pay for”. Design is the one place you do not want to compromise when planning such an expensive endeavor as a kitchen or bath remodel.
Budget the Entire Project : Unlike flooring, painting, roofing, and other improvements where expenses are derived by multiplying the cost of goods or services by the square foot; a kitchen needs to be designed to determine the required components necessary to establish a price. Will there be a built-in refrigerator. a pantry, double oven cabinet, or a host of other features that will make your dream kitchen come to life? Once the layout is completed you can then focus on which products are best suited for your budget, taste and home’s characteristics.
Know What You Are Buying :
Cabinets are comprised of several different components:
1)      the box
2)      the fastening materials
3)      the face frame (unless they are “frameless”)
4)      the drawer(s)
5)      the door(s)
6)      the hinges, rail systems
7)      the finish
8)      accessories and hardware

For a complete breakdown for all these elements – whether you are building custom or buying off the shelf, check out “Cabinets 101” provided by kitchen and bath design expert Michael Haley.

Jim’s preferred source for cabinets in DFW:
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