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From Jim's Notebook: Hiring A Contractor
Ask the right questions up front.
•  How long has the contractor been working under the current name? Ideal for it to be at least 3-5 years as a business under the current name - not just "years of experience".
•  Does your work require a license?
•  Do they have an office? Working out of a garage or pick-up truck = here today, gone tomorrow.
•  Does the contractor carry insurance? General liability and worker's comp are a must. Provided they have worker's comp insurance, if a worker gets hurt on the job the property owner cannot be sued.
•  Does the contractor have their own employee's, use sub-contractors or both? Beware of the suitcase contractor - a real contractor will at least have some employees of their own and use subs for specialty jobs.
•  Are there unanswered complaints with the BBB? Any business can have complaints against them. The good ones always answer regardless of the complaint.
•  Is your contractor willing to give you a reference list?
•  Will your contractor stay on the job once it starts or will they be bouncing around between projects?
•   Will you provide a well-written contract that covers all the bases that will be mutually agreed upon. 
And remember :
•  You do not need sign the contract on the first visit. Don't let the contractor pressure you into signing by saying the price is only good for today. Sleep on it and if they won't honor the price the next day find another contractor.
•  Never pay upfront when you sign the contract. Clearly negotiate the schedule of payments with the first being when the work begins with the final being due upon completion.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Where to Live During Flood Restoration
Jim addresses the options for where you can stay while your home is being restored after storm damage.

Exposed Rebar Sticking our of Foundation
Larry noticed rebar sticking out of a corner of his home's foundation. Is this something he should worry about?

Is it Time to Make the Switch to LED?
If you haven't switched your home over to LED lightbulbs yet, here are 3 great reasons why now might be the time...
They last MUCH longer...
LEDs typically last approximately 25 years (based on 3 hours burn time a day), compared to the 1 year for incandescent bulbs. That means you would purchase 40 incandescent bulbs for every 1 LED bulb. That saves you a lot money and from having to keep pulling out the ladder.
They are safer...
For starters, LEDs do not contain mercury, which allows for peace of mind in the event one breaks or is damaged. Since LEDs do not contain mercury and other toxic materials commonly found in other types of bulbs, LEDs can be recycled - making them Earth-friendly.
Additionally, your average incandescent bulb expels a large percentage of heat, risking the possibility of burns and fires. LEDs are extremely efficient; therefore they generate virtually no heat, allowing them to be left on for many hours without fear of getting burned or fires.
They truly save energy...
LEDs are most commonly used due to their energy efficiency savings. LEDs consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. For example, if you have a 100 watt incandescent bulb, we could replace that with a 15 watt LED (offering even better lighting, too), which saves you 85 watts for just one bulb replacement. Multiply that by 100 light bulbs throughout your house, and you have saved 8,500 watts.

For more information about converting your lighting to LED visit Texas Home Improvement partner LED 4 Home.
Advent Air honored by the BBB & Dallas Business Journal with the Torch Award for Ethics.
The Torch Awards for Ethics recognizes companies that “display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity in all of their business dealings. These companies generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers and their communities.”

Congratulations to Mike Douglas and the whole Advent Air team. We are proud to have you as part of the Texas Home Improvement family!
Tammi Douglas, Mike Douglas & Brittany Holcomb
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