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Trial of the Stihl iMow Robotic Lawnmower
A robot that mows your yard so you don't have to and it results in a greener, healthier lawn? Tim Urban had to check it out!

The Stihl iMow o nce installed and programmed by your participating STIHL iMow Dealer, cares for your lawn automatically and according to your desired mowing plan. In our "before" and "after" videos Tim takes a look at the impact iMow had on the property after several months and gets the homeowner's reaction.
Your Questions -- Jim's Answers
Should you be concerned?
Kathy's wood floors have just been refinished, but being 7 months pregnant she wants to be safe from the fumes before going back into the home. Jim answers her question and addresses off-gas concerns with modern materials.

Shading your outdoor AC Unit
Linda called the show wondering if she should use trees to shade her outdoor AC unit.

...and what kind should you plant?
Wood Stain & Sealer
Get professional looking results...
For staining and sealing any wood outdoors Jim recommends Ready Seal . This is the contractor's choice because it is easy to apply and finishes perfectly every time. Watch our demo of the application. The color we used here was Pecan. Watch
Hurricane Florence
As Texans who endured Harvey our hearts go out to all those that are experiencing the devastation of Florence. Harvey taught us a lot. The most important being that together we are stronger, and together we can get through hard times and begin to rebuild.
Jim recorded a video message with practical advice for those currently impacted. We also wanted to link our special post-Harvey podcast that featured questions from Texans taking the first steps in recovery.
If you know of anyone that could benefit from this information please share this video and podcast with them. Thank you.
Get ready for all your fall projects...
Head out to NRG Center for the 23rd Annual Houston – Texas Home & Garden Show October 20-21. This show covers over 100,000 square feet, with more than a thousand products and services on hand, including experts, demos and ideas. Building, renovating or just curious to see the latest innovations - come on out!

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