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THINK+change is The Arc of Aurora's training and education program that strives to change knowledge, attitude , and behavior to ultimately  improve the quality of life for people with  intellectual and other developmental disabilities (IDD), their families, and the professionals in their lives.

THINKing+change is our E-newsletter about  TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS to help in your work for/with people with IDD  

Year 3         |          Issue  5      |          March 2020
"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
 --Vince Lombardi

Gosh, do Coach Lombardi's words sure ring true today!  The THINK+change team has always functioned on his premise, but now we all face challenges where each of us must insure we as individuals do, too.

No doubt, in all of our communities, our group effort to protect and improve the lives of citizens with intellectual and other developmental disabilities has taken on an urgency previously unimagined.  Yet while those emergency efforts are underway, many of us find ourselves with both time we may not have had before and a yearning for a semblance of normalcy.   Relevant, targeted educational resources may help fill that time with something "normal", something useful for when a bit of order has been restored.  

April is Autism Awareness Month, and in recognition of that, THINK+change reminds you (in the following section of this newsletter) of a couple of autism-specific TALKS that offer insight and information.  View them yourself; share them; link them on your website and via social media.   Superimposed on everything else in our world these days is our country's census that we are ALL required to participate in once a decade.  The TRAININGS section of this newsletter provides links to short videos that remind us of the importance of people with disabilities being counted in the census.    View them yourself; share them; link them on your website and via social media. And finally, what many of you have asked for:  THINK+change's TALKS TRAININGS TOOLS product line all in one place:  A catalog! Check it out in the TOOLS section below.

We all have the opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of citizens with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.  You can rely on THINK+change to lead the way in support of your educational efforts.

Be well and be kind ~

Jean N. Solis, MA
THINK+change | The Arc of Aurora
THINK+change TALKS are provocative, in-person or video shorts.
Autism and behavior

Learn more about autism and behavior by viewing THINK+change's  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Behavior: What Should We Know  TALKS series. This five-part  series shares the perspectives of two parents, a therapist, a person with ASD, and a law enforcement officer on what we need to know about ASD and behavior. 
Students with ASD and college: Insights

Do you know a self-advocate with autism who is planning to go to college? Consider viewing and sharing with that person THINK+change's  Higher Education and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Series  that features Sam, a self-advocate with ASD, talking about what he and others need to know about college before they get there.
THINK+change TRAININGS are in-person or online targeted educational opportunities.
2020 Census: YOU count, WE count, EVERYONE counts!

Together, we can create a movement to make sure all people who have disabilities in Colorado are counted in the 2020 Census. With support from  Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition  and the Denver Region U.S. Census Bureau,  The Arc of Aurora's  social enterprise,  THINK+change , created 30, 30-60 second video(s) geared to helping people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals in their lives understand the importance of individuals with disabilities being counted in the 2020 Census.

Special shout out to  arc Thrift Stores  Ambassadors,  Chanda Plan Foundation Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition , and Members of  The Arc of Aurora  for being the faces of this important project.

Now more than ever, it's important for all of us to come together and complete our 2020 census to make sure our state receives  funding for our future.

Do your part and view, share, and download the videos via:
Additionally, this  2020 Census Videos' Product Usage Guide  is intended to help people with disabilities themselves, groups that support people with disabilities, other organizations and businesses, professionals, and families understand the importance of census participation by people with disabilities. The Guide includes:
  • frequently asked questions (FAQs);
  • information about how to access the 30, 30-60 second videos;
  • a listing of video topics;
  • suggestions about how to use the videos; and
  • sample messaging to use when sharing these videos.
Click here  to view and download the 2020 Census Videos' Product Usage Guide. If you require the guide in large font, please  contact us
Click here to learn more about previously featured TRAININGS
THINK+change TOOLS are tangible educational products.
THINK+change catalog  

Many have asked for an easy way to view THINK+change TALKS TRAININGS and TOOLS -- so here it is! Our  product catalog  provides you an easy way to view THINK+change resources that are currently available to YOU to use in your training and outreach efforts.  Check out our extensive product offerings ,  and check back frequently for product updates.
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