An e-newsletter about  TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS to help in your work for/with people with  intelle ctual and other developmental disabilities.   

Year 1          |          Issue  1        |          February 2018

Welcome to the inaugural issue of THINKing+change, a quarterly newsletter with information about TALKS, TRAININGS, and TOOLS. Many of us want to help improve the lives of the people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (IDD) with whom we live and work, but WHAT to do and HOW to do it often elude us... Enter THINK+change. Our solutions' focus has us developing those WHATs and HOWs.  THINKing+Change content focuses on information about our product lines and notifies you about innovative, relevant, targeted opportunities to partner with us to continue to make quality changes happen in the lives of people with IDD.  Email me with questions: after all, by THINKing+change together, we will improve the world for people with IDD!
Jean N. Solis, MA
THINK+change and The Arc of Aurora

THINK+change TALKS are provocative, in-person or video shorts on topics of interest to, or emerging issues for, people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.

Meet Sam...
Sam has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and wants to be successful in college. Listen to him talk about what he and other students with autism need from the higher education system to do that.
Your Opportunity
Sponsor a 2018 TALKS series of 4-6 short (under 5 minutes) videos that facilitate provocative conversations on topics such as the special education pipeline to prison, and living with disability.  TALKS, which will include sponsor logos, will be widely distributed.  Stay tuned for info on how to view TALKS.

THINK+change TRAININGS are in-person or online, small or large group, targeted educational opportunities on issues that directly impact people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
Finding Health Conference 2018 - Will you be there?
From getting foundational information on good nutrition to the role cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) might play in your quest for better health, you'll want to attend  Finding Health: The Intersection of Disability and Nutrition.
Your Opportunity
Attend or sponsor Finding Health.   
Sixty Second Seminars - #60SS
THINK+change's practical, cite sourced (as necessary) microlearning.  Need to introduce or reinforce ideas? 
Your Opportunity
THINK+change can package a hands-on way for your organization to use already created  Sixty Second Seminars microlearning sessions in a more formal training opportunity.
Coming Soon: Best Practices Series
Need a primer or quick reminder for your staff/employees on best practices for interacting with people with disabilities?  THINK+change has it!  This online series features six short (under 3 minutes) video trainings.
Your Opportunity
Stay tuned to THINKing change for more info!

THINK+change TOOLS are tangible educational products.

Communication Quick Tips
Looking for an educational tool to use with community partners to help improve their communication with citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)?  
Your Opportunity
You can purchase the 5th edition or sponsor the updated 6th edition.

Not from THINK+change but also good stuff
New Person-Centered Training - now available!
Steve Tonkin & Company's  interactive and engaging person-centered planning system, trainings and workshops begin by discovering each participant's intrinsic motivations and the role they play in making their life meaningful.   
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