An e-newsletter about  TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS to help in your work for/with people with  intelle ctual and other developmental disabilities.   

Year 2          |          Issue  1      |          June 2019
Summer Greetings!

Summer is heating up and so are THINK+change's TALKS, TRAININGS, and TOOLS. In this issue, check out a new TALKS series on victimization, a TRAININGS vodcast/podcast on disability discrimination, and a critical incident reporting TOOL.

And as ever, keep your calls with questions about ideas for using our educational resources coming!

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Jean N. Solis, MA
THINK+change | The Arc of Aurora
THINK+change TALKS  ar e provocative, in-person or video shorts on topics of interest to, or emerging issues for, people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
Victimization and People with Disabilities: It's Real 

People with disabilities are more likely than people without disabilities to be victims of mistreatment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Listen to victims with disabilities and people who support victims with disabilities talk about the impact the crimes of sexual assault, trafficking, financial exploitation, and Medicaid fraud had on themselves/their clients/families.  Professionals who respond to each of those crimes also talk about their work and its impact on the lives of victims with disabilities.
Want to  listen  to Victimization and People with Disabilities podcast  on our website?
THINK+change TRAININGS are in-person or online, small or large group, targeted educational opportunities on issues that directly impact people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
Video and Audio Training

We invite you to watch or listen to this quarter's topic --  Disability, Rights, and Discrimination. Learn about topics including:  
  • Overview: Learn about the history of rights' progression and discrimination for people with disabilities.
  • Physical Setting Rights: Learn about laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life.
  • Community Living Rights: Learn about programs that ensure people with disabilities can live and participate in the community as citizens.
  • Educational Rights: Learn about free appropriate public education (FAPE) for students with disabilities.
  • Voting Rights: Learn how people with disabilities are entitled to have access to vote.
Watch vodcast episodes anywhere and anytime on a phone, tablet, or computer - even a smart TV.

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Listen to podcast episodes anywhere and anytime on a phone, tablet, or computer - even in the car or while the gym.

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THINK+change TOOLS are tangible educational products.
Attention Colorado law enforcement, district attorney staff, and adult protective services workers who investigate crimes against at-risk adults with IDD 

Do you investigate crimes against at-risk adults in Colorado, including those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities?  Need new TOOLS in your tool belt to aid those investigations, ones that might provide both corroborating as well as additional information?  Critical Incident Reports and Occurrence Reports are those resources.  What ~ you never heard of them?  Check out THINK+change's no-cost, one page, downloadable explanation of these two resources.   Still got questions -- give us a call.
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