An e-newsletter about  TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS to help in your work for/with people with  intelle ctual and other developmental disabilities.   

Year 2          |          Issue  1      |          March 2019
Spring into a new season with relevant, easy-to-use TALKS, TRAININGS and TOOLS from THINK+change!

Disability and the school-to-prison pipeline, the criminal justice system and people with developmental disabilities, and a poster for your break/lunch/conference room on best practices for working with citizens with developmental disabilities --  check out all of THINK+change's spring offerings via the links below.

And as is always the case, feel free to buzz me for a quick chat about your ideas to incorporate these educational resources in your trainings.  And yes, please DO download our resources and/or link to them on your websites!

Train on!
Jean N. Solis, MA
THINK+change | The Arc of Aurora
THINK+change TALKS  ar e provocative, in-person or video shorts on topics of interest to, or emerging issues for, people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
Disability and School-to-Prison Pipeline 

Children with disabilities are more likely than children without disabilities to be propelled into the juvenile justice system. A Colorado education policy expert, a Colorado legislator, a parent, and a behavior expert share their perspectives on that inequity.
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THINK+change TRAININGS are in-person or online, small or large group, targeted educational opportunities on issues that directly impact people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
No-cost Video and Audio Training

We are excited to share that  THINK+change  is producing quarterly vodcasts and podcasts in 2019.

We invite you to watch or listen to this quarter's topic --  The Criminal Justice System and Coloradans with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities (IDDs): The Basics You Need to Know. 
Watch vodcast episodes anywhere and anytime on a phone, tablet, or computer - even a smart TV.

Want to watch the series?  CLICK HERE  
Listen to podcast episodes anywhere and anytime on a phone, tablet, or computer - even in the car or while the gym.

Click here to learn more about previously featured TRAININGS
THINK+change TOOLS are tangible educational products.
Every Customer Matters Poster 

Need a TOOL for your break room to reinforce your company's best practices for working and interacting with people with disabilities?   Check out the 20"x29" poster available through THINK+change.  Poster content reinforces information from the online  Every Customer Matters  training.
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