An e-newsletter about  TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS to help in your work for/with people with  intelle ctual and other developmental disabilities.   

Year 1          |          Issue  2      |          May 2018

Welcome to the second issue of THINKing+change , a quarterly newsletter with information about TALKS, TRAININGS, and TOOLS!  

Have you been hearing the buzz about medical cannabis and CBD as a nutritional supplement and as a possible treatment for PTSD, autism, epilepsy, and chronic pain?  Or even as an alternative to opiod prescriptions?  Wondering whether the buzz has merit?  Check out the  Finding Health conference agenda  and see that our experts will be answering those (and many other!) questions.  While you missed Early Bird registration, you are just in time for Middle Bird !  More info on  Finding Health is in the TRAININGS section below.

Let me know your questions about how THINK+change's TALKS, TRAININGS, TOOLS might support YOUR work to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Jean N. Solis, MA
THINK+change | The Arc of Aurora

THINK+change TALKS are provocative, in-person or video shorts on topics of interest to, or emerging issues for, people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.

Higher Education and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Series
Hear Sam talk about what he and other students on the autism spectrum need from the higher education system to be successful.
Your Opportunity
THINK+change will be producing TALKS on hfASD and behavior, living with disability, and the special education pipeline to prison this year. Want to  sponsor (any of) these series? Contact Jean -  or 720.213.1420.

THINK+change TRAININGS are in-person or online, small or large group, targeted educational opportunities on issues that directly impact people with IDD and those who care for and work with them.
Finding Health Conference 2018 
Everything we put in our mouths, including supplements, is ultimately part of our nutrition.  Can products such as medical cannabis and CBD  really help treat post traumatic stress disorder,  autism spectrum disorder, and epilepsy?  Is hemp a nutritional food supplement? T his conference will provide you the knowledge and tools to help you find YOUR health.

Scholarships are available to help pay your attendance. This will be the hottest disability conference of the year; don't miss it!
Your Opportunity
Attend   Finding Health and register today:
Sixty Second Seminars - #60SS
THINK+change's innovative and original  microlearning. Need a quick and easy way to reinforce learning?  Or to catch and keep your team's/members' interest? 
Your Opportunity
THINK+change can package a hands-on way for your organization to use already created  Sixty Second Seminars microlearning sessions in a more formal training opportunity.
Disability in Society Online Education Series
Produced with support and cooperation from the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition , Disability in Society series begins with Citizen, not just consumer and continues with Hiring people with disabilities is just good business. 
Your Opportunity
Sponsor an upcoming series.
Every Customer Matters Online Training Series
The series is a perfect primer to help insure you and your team are prepared to welcome and support guests with disabilities. Each of the six training sessions is short (2-3 minutes or less) and focuses on best practices in supporting and interacting with people with disabilities. With every series purchase, you have the option of receiving six (6) 20"x29" posters (as displayed on VOD site) that reinforce series' learning.
Your Opportunity
Purchase or rent this series later this summer -- keep posted for info.  Purchase comes with six  Every Customer Matters posters to help reinforce learning. (See TOOLS section below for more info on the poster.)

THINK+change TOOLS are tangible educational products.

It's here: Every Customer Matters Poster 
Need a TOOL for your break room to reinforce your company's best practices for working and interacting with people with disabilities?
Your Opportunity
Posters will be available with purchase of the Every Customer Matters online training series to remind your staff/employees about best practices for working and interacting with people with disabilities.  Watch for more information on this training series.

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