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Lots of INFO today - please read about:

  • Comp Information - schedule, map. tickets
  • What to Bring/Wear to the comp day
  • LONG day this Saturday - bring snacks
  • Dinner Info for students with Dietary Restrictions
  • Bring Back Your Dinkles - IMPORTANT!
REMINDER - we will have TWO competitions next week - Friday (Nov 11) and Saturday (Nov 12) AND a rehearsal after school on Thursday (Nov 10).

If your student wore their DINKLES to the Band Concert, please bring them on Saturday. They should be stored in the bags hanging on their garment bags for the rest of the season.

Centennial HS Music in Motion Tournament
This Saturday, November 5

Due to the late step off time and far distance to the competition, the kids will need some snacks for the way home. We are scheduled to eat dinner at 4:30 PM. We will have some granola bars and leftover snacks, but be sure to pack extra snacks, if you think they will be really hungry. We will have water to fill up their water bottles.

Per Mr. McKeown - students MAY go to the concession stands during the awards ceremony - but they might not have very much time. They MUST be back in the stands with the rest of the band by the end of the awards ceremony, or face disciplinary action. It is not fair to the rest of the band to have to wait for a few students who are late.
See Menu with prices here: Menu
It is forecasted to be chilly in Bakersfield - the high is only going to be 65 and it will get down in the 40s in the evening. Please be sure to pack warm clothes for after the competition
Please make sure the students bring their reusable water bottles - a lot of kids did not have bottles. They will need water on the long bus ride.
Dear Marching Band and Color Guard Parents,

The Viking Marching Band will be performing at the Music in Motion Band Tournament in Bakersfield this Saturday, November 5. We have put together an itinerary with detailed information on your student's day; you can download it directly HERE

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Where Is the Tournament?

The Music in Motion Band Tournament is held at Centennial High School at 8601 Hageman Road, Bakersfield, CA 93312.. Driving time depends on traffic, but it can take between an hour and a half to two and a half hours to get there. Click here for a campus map: Centennial HS Campus Map

Spectator parking is available - looks like of Hageman Road.
Important Times for Saturday

  • 8:45 am: Call time at Samohi
  • 7:45 pm: Vikings' showtime at Simi Valley
  • If you would like to attend, plan to arrive at least 30-45 minutes beforehand to allow for parking and seating. Entry is only allowed between each performance.
  • 11:00 - 11:30 pm: Pick up at Samohi, after truck is unloaded
For Students: What to Bring

  • Your instrument and all accessories (reeds, valve oil, etc.)
  • Water in a reusable container (we have more water for refills)
  • Your Dinkles (which should be hanging on your uniform bag - unless you wore them to the band concert) and black socks
  • Wear Blue rehearsal shirt and shorts/leggings
  • A packed lunch to eat at Samohi (student are not allowed to go off campus), snacks for later. Dinner is served at competitions. (see below if your student has dietary restrictions)
  • School work and reading books for downtime
  • Warm clothes/jacket/shoes to change into after your performance (if you bring your band jacket, make sure your student's name is inside it!)
For Parents: What to Do

  • Drive out to cheer at competitions. Tournaments run all day; our kids' show time is 7:45 pm. Make sure to come earlier to support the band and our host school. Entrance is $12 for adults, $8 for students with ID, children age 5-12, and seniors. Children under 5 are free. Purchase tickets at the venue.

  • Cheer with your Viking Parents Tribe! Join the crowd of blue and gold in the stands! Wear your MB Fan shirt if you have one!

  • Take loads of photos and share in our Flickr Stream! Flickr login info: samohiband/vikingband100
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will the kids be eating at the competitions? We will provide dinner at each competition. This week it will be pizza (cheese and pepperoni). We will also have salad and a variety of snacks - grapes, chips, cookies, etc. (it varies week to week) We will have water and some other beverages.
  • What if my kid has dietary restrictions? We will be serving pizza this week. Unfortunately, if your child has dietary restrictions and they cannot eat pizza, it is best to pack them a lunch AND dinner that they can safely eat. We will always have salad, fruit and chips which should be safe for vegans, gluten-free or dairy-free diets. We will not serve anything with fish, shellfish or nuts, but cross-contamination is always possible. Please have your student see a chaperone - we do have a few allergy free snacks if necessary.
  • What time will kids get home? It varies depending on the step-off time and how far away the competition is. Your student should text you when the bus gets near Samohi. They still will have to help unload the truck once they get there. It may be quite late some times.

  • Can I take my student home directly from the competition? NO, not unless it is an emergency and you have a note signed by a parent, Mr. McKeown AND the bus chaperone. Kids really have to ride the bus to and from the competition.
  • What if my kid forgets his dinkles/socks/etc? The Viking Band is not like a soccer team, where if you don't bring your cleats or shin guards, you can't play. We always find a way to get the student onto the field, wearing something appropriate. However, this is not to say, "Don't worry about it." We don't have room to carry hundreds of pairs of extra socks, gloves, shoes, or other items to competitions. We rely on the students to remember their stuff. It's a little embarrassing for everyone involved, when a student forgets a uniform item. Please help your student prepare for competition days

  • How can I help out at the competition? Unless you have been assigned a job for a particular competition, come, buy a ticket, and cheer on the band! Competition days are planned out to the minute, and we don't have extra jobs for "walk-on" volunteers. If you want to come say a quick hello, go ahead. But please do not hang out in the village, unless you are an assigned chaperone for that week. Note: Our lead volunteers are responsible for keeping all 125 marching band students safe, while they are in warm-up and staging areas, including "Viking Village," where the students change into uniform. Please, please, do not be offended, if one of our volunteers asks you to leave.
Any Questions? 

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Many thanks for all of your support!
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