September 2020

ECA member, Melanie, celebrated the birth of her first granddaughter in the early days of the pandemic but only recently had the opportunity to hold little Maddie. Melanie shared with us her "Letter to the Future," loving words for Maddie to read in 2050, and agreed that we could share it with you, below. To celebrate your own Grandparents Day, take a moment to consider what Climate Change means for the future of your loved ones,  write your own Letter to the Future 

Dear Maddie,

When you were born, the COVID-19 shut down had just begun. So it was with great joy and excitement that I was able to travel out of state, four months later, to meet you for the first time! Holding you in my arms, playing with you, and sharing your wonderful smiles was beyond heaven; at the same time, being with you reinforced how urgently we must all address the problems facing our world – especially climate change.

I am working to make our planet a safer and healthier place for you and your generation. As an Elders Climate Action member, I raise awareness about climate issues, and oppose efforts to ignore climate science and ease environmental safeguards. In the upcoming election, I will cast my vote for your future - for legislation that will stop environmental damage and begin to heal our planet.

Love Always,
Grandma Mel

Happy Grandparents Day from the ECA Communications Committee!
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Join the ShoeStrikes for Climate happening ACROSS THE GLOBE
On September 25 & 26, in celebration of the International Day of Climate Action, 
communities across the globe will once again stage ShoeStrikes. In the places 
where they would otherwise stand in person (but for this global pandemic), they will place their empty shoes with signs demanding immediate, just and equitable climate action worldwide.  

ShoeStrikes, or SkoStrejk which began in Sweden earlier this year, have come to the US, and ECA helped organize the first one in July. In August more ECA members held small scale ShoeStrikes in their neighborhoods and some even helped organize larger displays. ECA's Arizona Chapter co-sponsored strikes across Arizona, in Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood and Phoenix, and Prescott. 

ShoeStrikes provide a safe way to protest during the pandemic and will continue on the last Saturday of each month across the globe through 2020. Contribute your shoes and signs to a local event or create your own ShoeStrike on a street corner, in your neighborhood park, or in front of your home.

See the Getting Started Guide for helpful tips to get started.
Watch the slideshow from the August 29 Shoe Strike (click above).

Check the Map (red marker indicates a ShoeStrike) to find or list a ShoeStrike in your area. Ask your neighbors and family to join you and contribute their shoes and signs!

Share your ShoeStrike photos on Social Media (use hashtag #ShoeStrike29August), send photos to elected representatives and local media, and send them to ECA so we can share with our members!
Join the Equity Advisory Committee
ECA is following through on its commitment to anti-racism, by examining all of its work to assure that it is free of racist and exclusionary practices and indifference 

We have pledged to defend Black lives, to protect the oppressed and those whose voices are not heard. We will continue to demand love, truth, a habitable planet, and fundamental human rights for all. We will not stop until change fully comes.  

If your commitment to climate justice is solidly grounded in anti-racism, we need you to help us honor our pledge: JOIN THE NEW ECA EQUITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE

If you are interested in joining this committee, please complete the online questionnaire. Applications will be screened and approved by the ECA Coordinating Council. 
What Climate Actions have you be taking? Tell us in 150 words (max) what you are most proud of: we'll share it in a future newsletter
Elders Declare A Climate Emergency

The goal of ECA's Elders Declare a Climate Emergency Campaign is to compel federal, state and local governments to formally acknowledge the Climate Emergency and immediately begin an emergency response to it. Hundreds of local governments in the USA and over 1000 worldwide have made these declarations.

Recognizing that we have an emergency is the critical first step to launching the comprehensive mobilization required to rescue and rebuild civilization. This initiative is being done in partnership with The Climate Mobilization. The Climate Emergency Campaign has spread globally and is now being championed by leading climate groups worldwide including Elders Climate Action. ECA holds meetings twice a month to support communities in declaring an emergency in their hometown, county or state. Learn more at Elders Declare a Climate Emergency or contact Dave Freedman at

Get involved and make a difference. (Above ECA member Mike Allen hosts the 48th Florence Climate Emergency Campaign Strike)
Make a Voting Plan.

All of us who are alarmed about the continuing climate science denial, financing of fossil fuel development, and elimination of environmental protections, must "vote our values" in all elections, regardless of party affiliation, supporting policies and practices to address the Climate Emergency before it is too late. Remember - every action to end complacency about the climate emergency makes a difference.

This month we are highlighting how to make your voting plan and some other actions you can safely take while sheltering in place. Voting, and getting others to vote, is essential, no matter what party you belong to or what obstacles may be placed in the way.

Check out this helpful resource from Five Thirty Eight How to Vote in the 2020 Election A state-by-state guide to voting in the age of COVID-19. it is important we all have a plan to vote as early as possible this Election Day to ensure each and every vote is counted.

Engage Others to VOTE
Join other ECA members who have been hard at work texting and phone banking to encourage voting and provide information about how to vote safely from home or at an early voting location. Sign up at

Join the "Elders Safe and Fair Elections" initiative of our parent organization Elders Action Network and help prevent the problems we saw in the 2020 primaries, where voters faced long lines, closed polling places, restrictive vote-by-mail rules, and faulty voting machines. More info, complete the volunteer contact form or contact
Did you miss ECA's August National Call?
Equity considerations in large-scale renewable energy siting: Lessons from New York with Special Guest Roberta Nilson

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A Meaningful Life for Your Money
A webinar co-hosted by EAN and SAGE

Sunday, September 13, 2020
1:00 – 3:30 pm PT / 4:00 – 6:30 pm ET
This Grandparent’s Day, join SAGE (Senior Advocates for Generational Equity) and our parent organization Elders Action Network for an inspiring webinar recognizing the impact our financial resources can have on the world around us and in building a better world for younger generations. This webinar will spotlight a few strategies to create a better world with money – beginning with an exploration of your relationship with your resources, and then discuss aligning spending with values; consciously investing in businesses you believe in; donating to public charities. All strategies are relevant regardless of your resources. Registration is on a sliding scale starting at $25 (all registration amounts over $25 will be a tax-deductible donation). Learn more or Register Now. 
Find more ways to take action in our Take Action with ECA Section of our website. Learn more about Upcoming Events Here.
Elders Promote the Vote: Elders Calling Elders Phone Banking & Text Messaging no experience necessary, weekly events
Elders Stand for Fair Elections launched by our parent Elders Action Network demands vote by mail and accessible options for all voters.
Elders Declare a Climate Emergency
Demands that governments to adopt an emergency response to the climate crisis.
Send a letter to Members of Congress, State Representatives & Governor with the click of a button.
ECA Monthly National Call
4th Tuesday of Each Month
September 22
7 PM (ET) | 4 PM (PT)

Action Though Our Dollars: Exploring B Corporations with Special Guest Speakers Dr. Ellonda L. Williams & Christoper Marquis.
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Climate Tea & Talk

Enjoy casual talk with other Elders about the climate issues, solutions and strategies that matter most to you.

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Join Us for an ECA 101 for New Members Call

Learn more about the mission, vision and action opportunities at Elders Climate Action.
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