Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!! We want to let you know that the militaria hobby is alive and well. 2019 will mark my 60th year as a collector and it wasn't long after 1959, that I started wheeling and dealing. My philosophy was "if I can buy two items, sell one for what I paid for the two, then I can keep the other item and my collection will be free."

I must say that my outlook has greatly expanded since that day back in 1959 when I bought my very first German relic. It was a zinc army visor cap eagle. I paid $5 for it which was a whole week’s pay from my Worcester Telegram paper route with 106 customers. However, I still have that army eagle which, you might say, launched the ship!

Due to hard work on the part of my diligent staff and because of loyal customers like you, 2018 will be our best year EVER! Our latest technique of two updates per week has been a big success and your response has been almost overwhelming. However, as those of you who place orders know, we are right on top of things and your orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt. We're very proud of our service and hope to be able to continue with this for a long time to come.

We've also had many opportunities to continue to replenish our stock with original and interesting items priced competitively. There will be plenty of "new" goodies posted as we begin 2019. You can count on that.

However, as a THANK YOU to our loyal and repeat customers, and to close out 2018 with a BIG BANG, we are going to offer this unprecedented SITE WIDE Holiday Sale!

Here are the details:

The sale will begin on Friday, November 23rd, 2018, at 8 A.M. It will end precisely at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, December 29th, 2018. This is an unprecedented length of time for a Ruptured Duck sale.
Every single item on our expansive website is included. Nothing is exempt (except gift certificates/gift cards). That includes brand "new" items that were listed this week. This is an unprecedented move on our part.
Here’s the part you've been waiting for. We are offering a full 
on every item on our site, except gift certificates/cards, using CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS, CASH, WESTERN UNION, AND BANK WIRE TRANSFERS . Don't try to figure out the new price when you place your order online. We'll do that and let you know the amount to send. Where need be, we'll round the number off in your favor.


For payments by CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL we are offering a 
on  every  item on our site, except gift certificates/cards. Once again, you simply place the order. The initial confirmation will not reflect the discount. However, when we process the order, we'll take our shoes and socks off and do the proper calculation and that will be the amount actually processed on your credit card. We'll round the final number off in your favor.
Any purchases prior to the sale start date of 11/23/18 are not eligible for the discount. Don't be upset. Look at it this way, if you didn't grab it before the sale, you might have missed out on it because it sold earlier.
As always, sales over $500, except where noted, will still be shipped free of charge!

If you have any questions about this sale, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us:

 EMAIL: info@therupturedduck.com

PHONE: 978-928-4495


Our customers and friends have made this an amazing year for The Ruptured Duck, and this is our way of thanking you.

We wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

  H A P P Y S H O P P I N G !