Call In and Listen at 10am Today
to a Meeting of Hawaii GOP Leaders

Aloha, Republicans:

Although only a few people were told about this morning's meeting at state party headquarters, starting at 10am YOU can call in and listen to the proceedings.

Here's last-minute notice to listen in on the Hawaii GOP's State Committee meeting and conference call.

In the reported interest of transparency, the new state party leadership is inviting all Republicans to phone in and listen to this morning's 2-hour State Committee meeting at Hawaii GOP headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd.

The meeting starts at 10am today.

Call in number: (202) 808-0188 (*note no pin required)

The misnamed agenda is below.  The emasculated State Committee will be meeting, not the powerful Hellreich and Saiki-controlled Executive Committee which has usurped all the power from district chairs.

Diehard fans of the new leadership proclaim that today's meeting  "bodes well for a transparent administration and the hearing of all voices and opinions."   Unfortunately, it appears to be tightly controlled and scripted; trying to stuff a 5-hour agenda into 2-hours of 'going through the motions'; leaving no time for any questions or discussion . [A "5 minute maximum" time limit on figuring out a statewide coordinated campaign to unseat Democrats after 63 years seems deliberately futile,]

Anyway, RINO leaders of the bankrupt state Republican Party in complete disarray won't be calling a meeting again for another two months, which is a gift to Democrats as the 2018 election gets closer each day.  So listen this morning at 10am while you can.

Happy listening!


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