Northwest Author Series
2011-2012 Season Schedule

Christina Katz headshot by Mark BenningtonDear Northwest Author Series Supporters:  


What makes Heather Vogel Frederick so good at in writing middle grade Mother-Daughter Book Club Books?   

According to author, journalist and book reviewer, Cindy Hudson, from, Vogel Frederick excels at weaving fun, descriptions, quotes, and references into her books.   


Says Hudson in a review of our featured authors' fifth book, "Frederick also has the magic touch of knowing just how to have her characters resolve their conflict. As I have read each of her books in this series, I have found myself wishing I had her pen guiding me in real-life sticky situations."


Those who attend our final presentation for season five won't have to wish for Vogel Frederick's pen, because we will have the author herself all to ourselves for two hours. 


Heather Vogel Frederick will be discussing Much Ado About Middle Grade: Mastering Setting, Character and Plot this Sunday at the Wilsonville Public Library. We will give away two door prizes of Heather Vogel Frederick's books: Once Upon A Toad and Home For the Holidays.  


Hope you can make it!  


Please arrive ten - fifteen minutes early so we can avoid a big rush right at 3:30 pm. Pay with cash or checks for the event so we can process everyone quickly. Cost is only $5.00 at the door. 


Bring a friend. Bring two. Bring your writing group! (And thanks to all the folks who have been bringing their writing groups.) 


In the writing spirit,


Christina Katz


Author of The Writer's Workout (Available everywhere now!), Get Known Before The Book Deal (2008) & Writer Mama (2007).


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Heather Vogel FrederickSunday, May 6, 2012

NWAS Presents:  

Heather Vogel Frederick 

Much Ado About Middle Grade: Mastering Setting, Character & Plot      

Oak Room, Wilsonville Public Library

Time: 3:30 - 5:30 pm 

Cost: $5.00


Middle-grade fiction is a place where anything can happen, from a voyage aboard a 19th- century whaling ship to a school called Hogwarts, from an espionage organization where the secret agents have whiskers and tails to a spell gone awry that leaves a seventh grader spouting toads. There's even a farmyard where a pig and a spider are best friends! But when the sky's the limit, how do you choose a surefire setting, populate it with memorable characters, and develop a compelling storyline that is catnip to editors and readers alike? Come prepared to listen, to write, and to share in this hands-on workshop geared to helping you fuel your creative fire and overcome fear of the blank page.

Heather Vogel Frederick, whose eleven middle-grade novels range from historical to contemporary to adventure/fantasy, left a 20-year career as a journalist and decided it was high time to fulfill her lifelong dream of writing fiction for young readers. Today, she's the author of two picture books and eleven novels, including Oregon Book Award winner The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed, andthe popular Mother-Daughter Book Club and Spy Mice series. Heather's work spans many genres, and has been honored both nationally and internationally and translated into numerous languages.

Northwest Author Series

Sponsored by: The Wilsonville Public Library &
The Friends of the Wilsonville Library

Created & Hosted
by Christina Katz

Directions to
The Wilsonville Public Library 
8200 SW Wilsonville Road
Wilsonville, OR  97070
503-682-2744 Or Follow the instructions from the library website.

We will be accepting proposals for presenters for the 2012-2013 series in May/June 2012. If you think you'd like to apply, please come to one of our events first. And please share this message with anyone you think might be interested so, they can stay in the loop. Learn more here.


This season we will increase our admission price to $5.00 for each attendee with no discounts for seniors or students. But it's okay because we are still far below the value of what we offer.  


Our monthly door prizes will now be two books by each of our featured presenters. I'm hoping we can increase enthusiasm for attendees purchasing our visiting writers' signed books.  


This year we are sponsored by The Wilsonville Public Library and The Friends of the Wilsonville Public Library, as we have been since the beginning. But of course, we should always be thankful because they don't have to sponsor us. 


We will continue to serve refreshments from our local Lamb's Thriftway and Starbucks, who have been supporting us since the beginning, as well. 



We are five years strong!   


What can you do to keep the Northwest Author Series going for five more years?

  1. You can come, that's a big one.
  2.  You can bring some writer friends or your writing group. 
  3. You can spread the word about the series before you come to your local media from Salem to McMinnville to Vancouver, WA and all the way to Mt. Hood! We can always use more help spreading the word.
  4. You can spread the word about each presenter after you come. (You guys are pretty good about doing this through blog posts, online articles, and social media (you are writers, after all). 
  5. This season it would be really great, if we could increase the number of books purchased from our visiting authors. They are happy to sign them for you. Besides, what a great way to show your appreciation for all the wonderful authors who come all the way to Wilsonville to present for us. 

Thank you for all the things you have done to keep the series going and growing thus far. We appreciate it and I know our presenters appreciate it, too.  


Let's make it even better. It definitely takes a village.    

Personally, I think we have one of the best author series around. But I might be a little biased.  


2011 - 2012 Northwest Author Series Lineup!

We hold our program at the Wilsonville Public Library in the Oak Room from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door for $5.00. No advance registration is required. The Northwest Author Series runs (roughly) monthly September through May. We actually skip a November date this year in favor of an early December date.


September 18th  

The Northwest Author Series Presents Jeff Baker

Qualities of Critically Acclaimed Books: How To Write for Raves  

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October 23rd 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Emily Chenoweth
Memoir or Fiction? Make The Most of Your Choice

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December 4th 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Christina Katz
The Writer's Workout: Whip Your Literary Ambitions Into Shape

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January 29th 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Karen Karbo
Passions Into Paychecks: Make A Living Without A Brand 

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February 26th 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Bill Johnson
A Story Is A Promise: The Essential Elements of Storytelling

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March 18th  

The Northwest Author Series Presents Pamela Hill Smith
For The Love of Research: How To Write Biography 

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April 15th 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Kevin Sampsell
The Book World: From Reader To Published Author 

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May 6th 

The Northwest Author Series Presents Heather Vogel Frederick
Much Ado About Middle Grade: Mastering Setting, Character & Plot


What People Say About The Northwest Author Series...
"I love attending the Northwest Author Series because even when the lecture topic isn't my particular field, it all relates. I especially enjoy hearing about each writer's different process and learning the back story behind their work. It's also just nice to hang out with other people who understand the itch to get up from the dinner table to write something down. Every time I go, I drive home with new ideas and a fresh perspective. That alone is worth the $5 and few hours!" 
~ Nathalie H., Newberg, OR

"NW Author Series provides local writers with an excellent opportunity to stay motivated, current, and connected on a regular basis. The topics offered appeal to writers seeking specific information, as well as those trying to hone their overall writing skills and update their market knowledge. And to top it off, a session costs only $5 with cookies and coffee on the house!"
~ Laurie D., Tigard, OR

"I've watched  the Northwest Author Series grow over time to a packed room every month. No wonder, when Christina Katz gets such excellent speakers and covers many so aspects of writing and marketing." 
~ Samantha W., Lake Oswego, OR

"I love the Northwest Author Series! The energy from a room full of creative minds is addictive. Where else can you get a writing conference lecture for $5.00? Every month I look forward to these Sundays because I know I will come away inspired, motivated and more informed. I try to never miss the NAS. Ever."

~ Cassi D., Tualatin, OR

"I would like to congratulate you on the Northwest Author Series in Wilsonville. It was wonderful. I had a very educational and enjoyable afternoon." 
~ Melissa L., Battle Ground, WA 

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If you have a comment, please e-mail Christina Katz at

Each month we will give away two books by each of our presenters, except in September when we will give away over twenty titles.


To enter for a chance to win the door prize drawing, fill out a ticket to be entered to win a doorprize.


Come, listen, learn & win books

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