Highest Ranking Republican In Hawaii Auditions to Join Democrat Party
This Coming Thursday

Aloha, Republicans:

My how things have changed.  Only five short months ago, Hawaii Republicans in the State House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY supported Beth Fukumoto as their GOP Minority Leader, making her the highest ranking Republican in the entire 50th State.  Not only was Fukumoto entrusted by her colleagues to decide what the Republican agenda at the State Capitol would be, but she also set the direction of the Hawaii Republican Party, as a member of the party's powerful executive committee and state committee.  And then those outspoken conservatives at the
Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) had the gall to repeatedly point out that Fukumoto was more liberal than many elected Democrats and that she refused to lead either the GOP or the Republican Caucus to challenge Democrats on their failed policies.

Yes indeed, how things have changed.  Next Thursday, this same Beth Fukumoto -- whom top GOP leaders and elected Republicans judged to be our party's best bet for its future -- will be auditioning to become a member of Hawaii's Democratic Party.
The interview will be conducted at a special meeting of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Caucus to make sure she is 100% onboard with their ambitious, progressive agenda for Hawaii.  In case you didn't know, the Hawaii LGBT Caucus is a highly vocal and very liberal subset of the Democrat Party.  Its members espouse the most radical left-wing positions on all issues from A to Z; economic, social, fiscal and more.  Some of its leaders  used to serve on the Hawaii GOP's State Committee until very recently .  That's right, top party leaders at the Democrat Party were (until a short time ago) top party leaders at the Hawaii GOP.

As bad as Democrats have made Hawaii over the past 63 years, the LGBT 'caucus' of the Dems wants to make everything even worse; taking our state and county governments even more in a liberal, Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders kind of direction. And turncoat Beth Fukumoto fits right in without having to change a single position.  Indeed, not only has Fukumoto already been long supportive of billions in higher taxes and having regularly voted for bloated Democrat spending budgets, she
has already virtue signaled on a slew of liberal issues so Democrats know she supports their agenda wholeheartedly:  "Fukumoto said Wednesday that she personally supports gay marriage and that her vote against the measure had more to do with concerns about the process."

Now, as Beth Fukumoto enthusiastically prepares for her political life as a card-carrying liberal Democrat committed to helping defeat the few remaining GOPers in office -- joining recently booted Republican Kym Pine in the financial and political assault on GOP incumbents and challengers -- there's no better time for Republicans to reflect on what this all means.  If we are willing to look inward, the Beth Fukumoto episode can teach the Hawaii GOP some extremely valuable lessons for the long, hard road ahead.
HERE'S THE BIGGEST LESSON OF ALL :  As Republicans, we should actually try to actually have some actual standards for what it actually means to be an actual Republican.  This really, really matters because what we've been doing is NOT working.  GOP vice chair Pat Saiki's often stated core belief that issues don't matter and that anybody who puts an "R" after their name is good enough for the Hawaii GOP is a severely misguided belief which has proven time and again to be a policy which only RINO's and closet Democrats could agree with.  Pat Saiki's nonsense might get Miriam Hellreich and Shirlene Ostrov super-excited enough to install Saiki as the party's newest vice-chair in charge of the 2018 GOP Coordinated Campaign (yes, Saiki is running the 2018 statewide campaign), but serious Republicans across Hawaii understand that Saiki's recipe of Republican-In-Name-Only RINOism is disastrous.
We're not supposed to be Democrats.  We're not supposed to be liberal.  Hawaii voters deserve a choice from the two-party system, not an echo.  The single largest bloc of voters in Hawaii are NON-voters -- so totally uninspired by what they see that they either remain at home or remain completely unregistered.  They're not stupid.  They get it.  Even if they live 50 miles away from our overpriced RINO headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd., they know we've been trying to sell 'Democrat Lite' garbage rather than the bold, compelling reforms that Hawaii desperately needs.  These non-voters simply won't bother casting ballots unless our party assertively offers up policies (and candidates) that are substantially better and substantially different than the growing collection of elected Democrats (and the shrinking collection of RINO's) that are already in office.
Seriously, when Beth Fukumoto -- the person whom Hawaii Republicans unanimously agreed five months ago was the best person to LEAD the GOP effort in Hawaii -- ends up receiving approval for membership after impressing the most liberal group inside the Democrat Party, then this development should give everybody a pretty clear idea about why HIRA is working so hard to save the Hawaii GOP from the RINO's and closet Democrats who've hijacked our state's Republican Party for the past few decades.
THE ENEMY WITHIN :  When our chosen GOP leaders like Aaron "Ling" Johanson and Beth Fukumoto are right at home in the Democrat Party, we have a much bigger problem than just our brandingWith our officially neutral platform ( LLIFE ) and our "anything goes" approach to selecting candidates and supporting policies, we don't even know what we stand for anymore .   Clearly, the Democrats are taking Hawaii in the wrong direction.  But even more clearly, the kind of people we think are GOP leaders are more than happy to keep paddling in that wrong direction, either as party-switchers or as closet Democrats still within our ranks.  The Hawaii GOP is lost, rudderless, and (not surprisingly) completely broke Hawaii doesn't need (and won't support) TWO Democrat Parties .
Fellow Republicans, it's time for some speedy soul-searching.  We've already lost seven valuable months without any campaigning since the 2016 General Election.  Vice Chair and Eternal Trump Hater Pat Saiki -- with State Chair Shirlene Ostrov's approval -- has committed the Hawaii GOP to at least two more years of 'anything goes' RINO direction.  In fact, adding insult to injury, Ostrov just put
big spending , high taxing , social liberal , Caldwell clone Charles Djou's entire RINO team in charge of the Hawaii GOP's communications for the next two years.  They've lost four elections in a row.  Gosh, why not wave the white flag of surrender now?!?

REPUBLICANS DESERVE BETTER :  HIRA will keep fighting and HIRA will keep informing and HIRA will keep organizing because, at the rate our state party is going, Hawaii voters won't be given a choice in 2018 rather than an echoThe Hawaii GOP is still the exact same RINO party it was which picked Beth Fukumoto and "Ling" Johanson to be our leaders for the 21st century.  RINO's Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich are still running the show with a new cadre of puppets.  And Beth Fukumoto fanatics like RINO Boyd Ready still hold officer positions in the struggling party.  There's no better time to reflect on how we put all the wrong people in charge -- people who would be just as happy being Democrats.

Finally, a s a Republican, you deserve to know why we're not winning.  And HIRA owes it to you to keep the pressure on the party to get its act together.  For this reason,  HIRA sincerely appreciates your support for our mission to take back our party.  Please stay informed and keep applying the pressure.  Together, we will drain the swamp in Hawaii politics.


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