July 5 , 2018

Traditional Worship
8:00 A.M.

Contemporary Worship
10 A.M.

Mark 6:1-6 The Message


Thanks to This 
Sunday's Ushers

8:00 a.m.
Eve & Patrick Trumpore

10:00 a.m.
Sandy Birks & Diane Young
Chuck & Lori Beckey

Thanks to This Sunday's Ambassadors

    8:00 a.m.   
Peggy Sweet

10:00 a.m.
Pat & Linda Leonard


Sunday, July 8th
8:00 am   Traditional Service
9:00 am  Social Time in Hall
10:00 am  Contemporary Service
                 with Baptism of Zoe &
                 Oliver  Roberts
1:00 pm  Funeral of Keith Van

Wednesday, July 11
7:30 pm  Band

Thursday, July 12
11:00   am  Memorial Service for
                   Bill  Anderson

Sunday, July 15th
8:00 am   Traditional Service -      
9:00 am   Social Time in Biel Hall
10:00 am Contemporary Service

Fiscal Year to Date
thru July 1, 2018

Identified Giving           $  194,490
Plate Collection            $      1,395
Cash Back Programs   $      2,604

Identified Giving          $   112,300
Plate Collection           $       1,549
Cash Back Programs  $       2,200

Identified Giving          $   (  7,810)
Plate Collection           $         155
Cash Back Programs   $         404

Identified Giving           $    11,610
Plate Collection            $        155
Cash Back Programs   $        289

Want to know where you stand with your pledge year-to-date?  Call CUC's Business Manager, Lindsey Stevenson, in the church office, or email her at  lindsey@columbinechurch.org

Make a Difference in the
Financial Picture of CUC!

Are You Required to Take an RMD from your IRA?
Calling all those who must make minimum withdrawals from retirement accounts!  Why not have some or all of those RMD's sent directly to CUC?  Whatever the amount is, it will be counted as part of the required minimum but it will not show up on your 1099R as taxable. This is an excellent way to make sure your contribution is still deductible!  Please consider donating a portion of your RMD as a way to support the ministry of Columbine United Church.  Please contact Lindsey Stevenson at the church office for more details.
King Soopers Cards
You can donate to CUC simply by purchasing a King Soopers card at the Welcome Spot. Each time you reload the card at the store when buying your groceries, 
CUC receives 5%!

Thrivent Financial Choice
CUC is a participating organization in Thrivent Financial's Thrivent Choice┬« program. Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program allowing eligible members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach grant funds each year. Eligible Thrivent Financial members can direct Thrivent Choice Dollars┬« to CUC in a particular month. If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing them 
to CUC. To learn more about Thrivent Choice, visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice , or call Thrivent at 800-847-4836, and say "Thrivent Choice" when prompted.

Text Your Offering  
In less time than it takes to write a check, you can now make your contribution to CUC with a quick text message!  Text "CUC $50" to 73256 to give $50 (for example) to Columbine United Church using your text messaging. You can adjust the dollar amount to whatever amount you would like to give.  Standard text message rates do apply. Thank you for our continued support of CUC! Your time, talent, and resources are helping us to change the world!

Volunteers For Sunday School ! We are having a ton of fun with the kids downstairs between games, crafts, and story-telling! If you are interested in volunteering an hour of your time to work with the cutest faces of CUC, please contact either Jeannie at
jeannie@columbinechurch.org  or Dani at dani@columbinechurch.org
Youth Leaders Needed ! The high school youth group is in need of adult leaders to volunteer their time, maximum 2 hours per week. If you have a passion for working with teenagers, enjoy spontaneous trips around town, and have a sweet tooth, then you are the perfect fit for our high school group! Please contact Dani for further details. 
Youth Sunday is July 15th !  The middle and high school students will lead worship for both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. services. The students will have an opportunity to share stories about their recent mission trips, share the joys and challenges of their hard work and show plenty of great photos of their experiences! Mandatory Sunday for all mission trippers and encouraged for ALL youth to participate! It is going to be a youthful and exciting Sunday!
Youth Group Wednesday July 11th! Regular summer hours: middle school 4:30-6:30 p.m. and high school 6:30-8:30 p.m. 



All Adult Education classes will continue in September. 


The Band rehearses Wednesday evenings in the sanctuary at 7:30 p.m.   Contact Music Director Mitch Samu ( mitch@columbinechurch.org), if you are interested in joining the group.

Staff Announcement
Josie Hamlen, our Executive Assistant, is retiring from CUC after many years of hard work here and moving to Arizona.  Her last day is July 31st and we will be celebrating her at a reception between services on Sunday, July 29th.  If you would like to donate to a parting gift for Josie, please mark your check as "Josie Farewell".  You can also give online at columbinechurch.org, selecting GIVE and then "Josie Farewell" in the drop down option.  Please help us wish her well in this new and exciting chapter of her life!

The Book Club will meet Thursday July 19th at 1:00 p,m, in the Parlor.  We will be discussing  Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  Everyone is welcome.
Love INC Explore FREE Community Classes Our local mission partner, Love INC offers FREE community classes beginning July 19, 2018.
  •  How We Love is designed to help people get to the bottom of their relationship issues. Each person's childhood experiences form the roots of who they are; continuing to inform the way that person responds to others or expresses love, even far into adulthood.
  •  Money & ME was created for people to learn and implement strategies to take control of their money. It is simple, practical, effective and achievable.
  •  Purpose and Potential gives people hope and covers goal setting, giving grace to our family members and guarding against things like negative self-talk.
Call 303-794-5683 (LOVE) to learn more and sign up!
Save the Date YES, we are having a new photo directory done so watch the bulletin for details and save one of these dates for that great Christmas gift!!!
* Aug. 29 - Sept. 1
* Sept. 10 - 13
Barb Rudolf will be looking for volunteers to help with check in/greeters.   More details to come.  Contact Barbara Rudolf.  
New CUC Car Stickers!   The marketing committee is proud to offer CUC members new car stickers for you to place on your vehicle to communicate our church's sense of "WHY." Limited quantity available. 3 designs! ("BE RADICALLY INCLUSIVE" "YOU ARE LOVED" and "LOVE IS LOVE"). If you take one from the Welcome Spot, please promise to place it prominently on your vehicle to share our message with the whole community. 

Security  Following the Council's direction we have a security team in place comprised of several members of the congregation. They've been studying the security needs of the building during worship and mid week activities. Thanks to Tag Worley, security cameras have been installed in strategic areas. On Sunday mornings members of the team are in the Narthex and sanctuary monitoring the needs of the attendees, everything from health concerns to people needing assistance. The committee is looking for more members to join in this ministry. It is our desire to create a safe and secure environment for every member of the congregation. Please contact Steve Poos-Benson with your thoughts and ideas.

Food Donations Always needed!   Great job on Feed the Need!  But demands on the food bank never stop.  Please help fill the baskets in Biel Hall.   IFCS needs canned beans, condiments, and hamburger or tuna helper.  Soap, shampoo and laundry detergent are also needed.
King Soopers   Remember to buy, load, and use your King Soopers cards!  We count on $1,000 a month in revenue from King Soopers card reloads, which pays for the monthly electric bill at CUC.  It's easy and doesn't cost you anything.   Get your card at the Welcome Spot today and then load it at the store.Thank you for your support of CUC!
Handicapped Parking Spaces Please be considerate of those in need and only park in the spaces designated as "Handicapped" if you have a permit or car tag prominently displayed.

Notary Public. Josie Hamlen, one of our office staff, is a Notary Public. If you need this service, call the church office.

If you have a life situation you would like your pastors or the congregation to be aware of, please call the church office at 303-798-1845 or send us an email at cuc@columbinechurch.org


CONGRATULATIONS to Josie Hamlen, our Executive Assistant, who will be retiring on July 31st! We are grateful for her many years of service at CUC, and wish her well in her new and exciting chapter of her life!
On July 7th, our High School Mission Trippers returned from their trip to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. We hope they had a meaningful and joyful experience!
On July 4th we celebrated the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776, the 242nd birthday for our country!
A memorial service for Keith Van Harte will be held at CUC, July 8th, at 1:00 p.m. Please keep his family in your prayers. We have no addresses for cards, but they can be brought to the service for those who are attending.
Please pray for Mary Anderson. Her husband Bill died on July 3rd. A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday, July 12th at 11:00 a.m. 
Please pray for the family of Peter Mark upon his death. Peter and his wife Violet, who died in 2015, were active for many years and CUC. The funeral service was July 3rd at Ft. Logan Cemetery.
Please pray for the communities, wildlife, and firefighters that are enduring the wildfires across our state and nation.
If you have a prayer request, please contact Josie at the church office at (303) 798-1845 to be put on the prayer chain.
Although the immediate crisis may be over, we ask that you keep the following people in your prayers: Garret and Nina Ray, Ruth Teason, Mary and Bill Anderson, Katie Gaertner, Ginny Anstine, Carla and Wally Keesecker, Susan and Jim Lummanick, Tom Moore and Vicki Wimberly, Pam Lass, Judi Buehrer, Jeff Veres, Kay Huntley, the family of Gretchen Berry, Marian Jones, and Becca Garner.
There are other unnamed members and friends of CUC who have requested prayers as they deal with unemployment, financial challenges, significant concerns, addiction and anger management.
Please keep them in your prayers, as well as our brothers and sisters in the military and those who serve our country around the world.


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