Man, I've heard most of your set [with zBug ], it was fuckin' brilliant! What you do on your bass [ NS Design CR6-string electric cello ] is amazing, ok it's amazing, REALLY amazing! Ah, so impressed... what your first song reminded me of was... [ Airto Moreira's Nativity featuring Jaco Pastorius ] of the greatest things I've ever heard in my life.
- Paul L. Wexler - producer, recording, mastering (Warner Bros. Records, Island Records, etc.)
Artist | Sonic Architect, Composer, Improviser | Endorsing Artist
I will be performing with zBug (trio/quartet), a new trio LKD (still nameless), and others in autumn and winter. Hope to see you about, in-person and unpixelated this season!
TUE, OCT 22, 2019: zBug (quartet) and Rent Romus' Lords of Outland | Starline Social Club, Oakland, California

zBug is a psychedelic jazz quartet. Found in 2006 by David and features veteran musicians from the SFBA.

Saxophonist, composer Rent Romus started the Lords of Outland in 1994 a collective of like-minded musicians focusing on exploring improvisation, melody, noise, and sound art while acknowledging their jazz, rock, and blues roots. The group has developed original music ranging from unhinged free improvisation to thematic compositional suites inspired by abstract and socio-political poetry, science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

SAT, OCT 26: Dust Lord Gets A Haircut, LKD Trio, Feral Luggage | Free Jazz House Party, Sunnyvale, California
DONATION $10-20 | Halloween themed and there will be food and drinks.

LKD Trio is a new group in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring David Leikam - NS Design CR6-string electric cello; Jon Kulpit - drums; and Matthew Davis - electric bass. Influenced by improv, industrial, jazz, metal, and shoegaze sonic elements. Debut engagement, what is a good band name!?

Feral Luggage is a San Francisco-based septet band playing NullWave (think NYC lower east-side - punk jazz, Ornette Coleman, eklectro-acoustica sound-scapes) with some North African metal/folk/blues blended in for flavor.

  • Mika Pontecorvo - guitar, electronics, flute, vocals
  • Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone, mbira, maqrunah, flute
  • Elijah Pontecorvo - bass, vocals, keyboards
  • Colleen Kelly T - cello, electronics, keyboards
  • Mark Pino - drums, percussion
  • Patrick Talsfore - drums, percussion
  • Adriane Pontecorvo - cello, percussion