Jamie will be working with ICS Staff during the school day at the school. In the evening, Jamie will offer a second program at SEOTS for ICS families and all Indian families in the Milwaukee 
community, who are invited to attend! 

May 22, 2019 • 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm 
Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services
5233 W. Morgan Avenue, Milwaukee
This Week @ICS
May 20-24, 2019
  Nimino ayaa

Social Dances May 24, 2019

Grades 3 - 5
1:30 pm - 2:55 pm 
Social Dances will be held
in the Gym 

ICS parents and families are invited to join us for a series of Haudenosaunee social dances to celebrate Spring and the arrival of warm winds! If you’re unfamiliar with traditional social dances of the Haudenosaunee, this is a wonderful opportunity to come watch and learn! 
Our students will do their very best to express gratitude to all of creation as they sing and dance. Everyone is encouraged to wear ribbon skirts, ribbons shirts or vests, moccasins and a big, bright smile! 

Our students and their teachers Ms. Kal^na Niko Lee Daniels, Ms. Renee Pfaller and Ms. Lori Faber, hope to see you today!

For more information, please contact Our Ways at 414-525-6144.
Sew Your Story Skirts and Student Regalia
First Nations Fashion Show
FRIDAY, MAY 24 l 1:00 - 2:55 PM
Students who studied under Ms Kal^na, learned about many things, including how our oral traditions evolve over time, how to sew, the importance of gifting to others first and to express their unique identity through thoughtful reflection, use of language and by making a garment that is unique to them and tells their story. 

Beginning with the basics, students learned how to work with patterns, become familiar with sewing terms, use a sewing machine and to seek patience when their project became difficult. 

As students learned the basics, they celebrated their accomplishments by sewing something and gifting it to a loved one. They were encouraged to be of a good mind throughout the entire project — mindful of who they were sewing for as they chose color schemes, cloth, ribbons and appliqué designs. Each gift displayed their love for another person important to them. 

With the sewing basics covered and gifting responsibilities taken care of, it was time for each student to roll up their sleeves! Students were encouraged to put everything they learned into action and use their new found knowledge to help them design a garment that tells their story — who they are and what Nation they belong to. 
Ideas explored included reflection on what their family is known for? What gifts did their grandparents have? What is their clan and what are their clan responsibilities? Which nationalities resonate with them? Are there family members who could be interviewed to learn more? After the students completed their research, Audra Williams, Cultural Coordinator, helped them work through their designs, taking what they learned and applying that to their skirts.

Upon completion of their sewn skirt, each student was asked to write about what their design represents and to use as much of their native language as possible. Students have the opportunity to read their paper aloud or have a language teacher read it for them as they model their creation during the First Nations Fashion Show. 

In preparing for the First Nations Fashion Show, students were also asked to keep an open mind when someone gifts their time and expertise. There are thousands of teachings that will cross our paths in our lifetime and we are continually learning. It’s up to us to learn what we can and pass on those teachings for generations to come! 
We've been meeting each Saturday morning and sewing together. We help one another, laugh, share stories and we enjoy a meal together as we sew. It's a wonderful time! We've done some great work but really need additional help!

We have 14 more ribbon skirts to make and 71 more ribbon shirts or vests to finish by June 1st. Can you help us?

The size chart relays approximate sizes by grade and tells you how many items we need for our students. You can download a printable PDF here.

Questions? Please contact: or

Wāēwāēnen • Miigwech • Yaw^ko • Wa'įniginąp šąną • Thank You!
Musical "Dear Edwina JR"
Two Performances June 1st!

JUNE 1, 2019
2:00 pm
6:00 pm
ICS students are redefining etiquette lessons for the swingset set through their production of Dear Edwina JR. The storyline follows the adventures of a thirteen-year-old advice columnist and problem-solver named Edwina, who dishes out advice and wisdom with the help of her friends and a little song and dance.
Edwina Spoonapple would do just about anything to be a part of the Kalamazoo Advice-A-Palooza Festival. While her siblings all have proof “up on the fridge” of their accomplishments, poor Edwina has nothing. When a talent scout from the festival visits her hometown of Paw Paw, Michigan, she trots out her musical advice-giving show live from the family garage in hopes of finding her place in the spotlight.

“It’s important, real important that you don’t insult your host, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat octopus toast…,” confirms Edwina in the song “Say No Thank You,” “… for in many cases you’ll find it’s right, even if you don’t like something you can be polite,” she counsels.

ICS will present Dear Edwina JR. on June 1, 2019. There will be two performances to choose from: 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

For more information, please contact us at (414) 525-6100.
Dear Edwina JR. is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized materials are supplied by Music Theatre International 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY, (212) 541-4684,
(414) 525-6100 •