ICS is celebrating 50 Years this coming school year! To help our students learn the story of how we came to be, Ty Defoe, an ICS Alumni and award-winning theater artist, will be working with ICS 6-8 grade students on a special play during Summer School. Parents and guardians who would like their child(ren) to participate in the play, should register them by May 31, 2019. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT.
This Week @ICS
May 27-31, 2019
We're all looking forward to the school-wide celebration for the graduating class of 2019 on Tuesday, May 28th!

Parents are invited to join us too!

See you in the Drum at 1:15 pm to cheer on
the Class of 2019!
We're Celebrating with This Year's 8th Grade Graduating Class!
Ezri Bartlein 
Tyler Blasier 
Gianna Boyd 
Katera Cannon 
Julisa Carroll-Garcia 
Jacob Christjohn 
Aiden Connors 
Ellette Connors 
Dennis Debassige 
Elijah Diaz 
Analicia Eckland 
Arianna Fuller 
Mariah Gilbert 
Amaiah Grose 
King Hendrix 
Laila King 
Sara LaGoo 
Trinity Lindsey-Edwards 
Dakota Mann 
Thor Martins 
Cody Mommaerts 
Tricia Moon 
Celia Rivera 
Alejandra Rosales 
Natalia Schipae-Vasquez 
Cheyenne Schmeling 
Nevaeh Schwanke 
Darius Solomon 
Marcus Thundercloud 
Anthony Tischer 
Daniel Trempala II 
Camryan Valdes 
Layla Vargas 
Cyanna Villarreal 
Genavieve Wichgers
JUNE 1, 2019

2 Performances:
2:00 pm & 6:00 pm
ICS students are redefining etiquette lessons for the swingset set through their production of Dear Edwina JR. The storyline follows the adventures of a thirteen-year-old advice columnist and problem-solver named Edwina, who dishes out advice and wisdom with the help of her friends and a little song and dance.
Edwina Spoonapple would do just about anything to be a part of the Kalamazoo Advice-A-Palooza Festival. While her siblings all have proof “up on the fridge” of their accomplishments, poor Edwina has nothing. When a talent scout from the festival visits her hometown of Paw Paw, Michigan, she trots out her musical advice-giving show live from the family garage in hopes of finding her place in the spotlight.

“It’s important, real important that you don’t insult your host, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat octopus toast…,” confirms Edwina in the song “Say No Thank You,” “… for in many cases you’ll find it’s right, even if you don’t like something you can be polite,” she counsels.

ICS will present Dear Edwina JR. on June 1, 2019. There will be two performances to choose from: 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

For more information, please contact us at (414) 525-6100.
Dear Edwina JR. is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized materials are supplied by Music Theatre International 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY, (212) 541-4684, mtishows.com.
We acknowledge our sponsor: the Wisconsin Historical Society
A Message from
ICS Medical Services

During summer months, we spend a lot of time outdoors with our students. ICS staff does the best we can to ensure that our students are protected from bugs with bug repellent (lotion type is preferred at ICS), and checked for ticks when we come back into the school. However, we cannot catch every possible tick on every student, so we want to share this information with parents to guide you as you are checking your children as well.

Where do ticks live?
Ticks can be found in various environments, but most often they are in or near wooded areas. They hide under leaves, in the grass and on branches. ALL Ticks can transmit Lyme disease (it is not limited to deer ticks). Ticks can also transmit serious diseases that can be life-threatening, so it is important to know how to identify and remove a tick from your child.   

Frequent tick checks are your best protection from tick-borne illness.  

It is important for children to check their entire body, clothing and hair after being outdoors. Students can be encouraged to check over each other as they return to the building from being outdoors. Parents are encouraged to check your student each night for any ticks when your student arrives home as well. 

If you are bitten by a tick, it is important to remove the tick immediately. Adults should assist children with tick removal. A fine-point tweezers should be used to grasp the tick by the head. Remove the tick with a steady pull, straight up, away from the skin . (NEVER squeeze, twist or yank the body of a tick, and never put any substance on the tick.)   Watch for signs of illness such as rash, fever, or flu-like symptoms. Contact your health care provider if any of these develop. 

It is important to note that rashes do not always present at the site of the tick bite you should check  EVERYWHERE.

For more information, please contact Shannon Stowers at  414-525-6129 or by email at sstowers@ics-edu.org .
(414) 525-6100 • www.ics-edu.org