The Art show in Ellensburg has been a long standing destination for so many for years. It has always had outstanding art to offer and now the selection is wider than ever, not just Western art, but fine art of all subjects.

At the Ellensburg Fairgrounds the site is great, with lots of parking and of course, no admission at the door. If you have been there in the past, you know what I am talking about, if you have never attended, this should be the year you join us. Be prepared to be tempted to add that special new piece to your collection.

I was excited to show you the several new pieces I just got cast, and some really great patina work. I don't know whether to offer my camera or my computer for sale CHEAP, but the photos won't load much less print. You will just have to come to the show.

I will have the new small mule head TRAIL BOSS, the thoroughbred colt BORN TO WIN, and the FELL PONY, a new breed for me, and if you love Gypsy Vanners, the Fell pony is a large part of their ancestry, but then the Romans crossed the Friesian with the native English pony to develop this breed. I'd love to patina a Fell pony as a Gypsy Vanner if you'd like. He'd be great that way. Lots of feather legs, mane and tail.

T has been hard at work, now that their home has finally sold and she can get back in the studio. I love her new paintings, you will too.

So as far as photos this time around, it is back to the wax versions, just as a reminder, and some of T's last paintings.

Come see us at the show. If you live too far away to come and have questions, just email me or give me a call at 208 265 9613 (cell phone at the show 208 946 0531)