Friday, December 18 from 8:30-9:30am
Yoga for Wise Warriors!
With Lees Yunits

Beginners will be taught basics; more experienced will deepen their knowledge, and all will learn varied ways to enhance their knowing. Lees’s background includes many assorted styles of yoga, including hatha, viniyoga, yin and kundalini. Just as important are the invaluable techniques of breathwork. Always there will be some form of meditation, as well, whether simple stillness, or transcendental, counting, mantra singing, or guided. The whole of a yoga session depends on joining bodywork, breathwork, and meditation. Not to mention some humor here and there! Whether fast or slow, all of Lees’s yoga classes intend to move you forward on your Journey to Joy.

$15 Drop-In, $75.00 - 6 weeks