As we kicked off 2020, we embarked on a journey that would refresh our brand to honor the organization's maturity while keeping our friendly voice and the accessibility inherent in our core ideology:  All the Arts for All of Us.
We started our process in February with a renewed color palette that reflects the colors of Cape Cod with a modern twist. The jewel-tone palette represents the Cultural Center as a jewel within the community, something we have heard from so many of you, our supporters, and biggest fans.  
We have moved to a deep peacock blue that you will see throughout our campus way-finding signage, stationery, and new website. To build out a palette that represents our brand's personality, we brought in a teal reminiscent of our beautiful waters, a yellow that reminds us of sunrise, burgundy depicting a favorite seafood, lobster. We rounded out the palette with a marsh green and deep hydrangea purple.
We paired down and simplified our font collection to make our materials more comfortable to read and incorporated those into the logo, which now always includes our tagline.
As more people search for content on social media, we now create unique artwork for each offering at the Center, applying our new color palette to different subjects or types of content to create a subconscious road map to ease your navigation.
As progress is often led by necessity, we realized we needed a suite of iconography to make our content more accessible. You have probably noticed the icons in THE WEEKLY MUSE. These will be incorporated throughout our collateral, both printed and digital. 
And, drum roll, please—we heard you—we need a better experience through our website!
We have completely redesigned our web experience and will be launching a beta version before the end of September. The new website will bring all of our brand elements together into a modern, easy-to-use platform, providing you with content you want and a powerful assistant to help you stay connected with us into the future.
Because you are at the heart of this work, we will need your feedback. So, after the launch, browse the website—click, scroll, and play through the news pages and the classes, browse the art galleries and blog posts, explore the education offerings and upcoming live events—and tell us what you think! With your help, we'll keep on developing while always working to fulfill our mission of serving the entire Cape Cod community and visitors to the area by offering instruction, entertainment, and exhibition in the visual, literary, and performing arts.
Sunday, September 20 at 3pm
Joe Mongelli and the Cape Jazz Crew
Play Sinatra!

Cool jazz featuring unique arrangements of iconic songs made famous by Frank Sinatra. These memorable gems are reinvented by Harwich’s Joe Mongelli (trumpet, flugelhorn and arrangements), Brian Lamont (piano), Michael Ryle (bass), and special guest Alan Clinger (guitar). Joe and the Crew often sell out their concerts here and at other venues and seating is limited, so order your tickets early! 

$20 per person

Socially Distanced - Mask Required
PLEASE NOTE: If you make a reservation and are unable to attend, please call ASAP so we can offer this seat to another patron. With the reduced capacity within the Center, this would be most helpful and much appreciated.
Sunday, September 27 at 3pm
Saturday, October 17 at 4pm and 7pm

September 17 from 6:30-8:30pm
Figure Painting & Drawing
With Sarah Holl

In this class, students can practice their drawing or painting skills while working from a live model. Students will be encouraged to find their own voices and explore various mediums. Students will receive individual instruction as well as group critiques. Open to all levels of experience.

Nude models are often used, but don't worry, they will be wearing their masks! Artists will have the opportunity to paint or draw the model in various settings, lighting and props... There will be artists of different abilities in the same class, which makes this a great way to learn. A beginner might work along side an expert and have the opportunity to watch him or her put things together. The creativity that moves around the room is contagious, often at the end of the class during the critique each piece will be completely different, just like the painters!

$25 per person - registration is now required

Socially Distanced | Mask Required

Beginning September 24
Woodturning: Mastering the Basics
With Dave Arnone
Six Thursdays from 1-3pm

Have you ever seen wooden bowls and wanted to create your own designs for your home or as gifts? Maybe you’ve acquired a lathe and aren’t sure how to use it … or you’re a bit rusty and need a refresher. This class will provide instruction on using the wood lathe, lathe safety, turning tools, project design, and turning wooden bowls from both green and dried wood blanks. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and confidence to begin exploring other shapes and creations.

Online: $135 Members, $155 Non-Members
On-site class is FULL

September 25 from 5-7:30pm
Happy Hour Painting
With Odin Smith

Friday Night Wine Down just turned into HAPPY HOUR!! Grab a glass of your favorite spirit or a cup of coffee, and get ready to paint along with Odin. Simply follow along as she guides you step by step through a painting, all while you relax and engage in the creation of a work of art made by you. At the end of the class, you will have created your very own masterpiece! 
You will need your own supplies and feel free to get creative putting them together.

$30 Members, $35 Non-Members


Beginning September 17
Tai Chi Sampler
With Holly Heaslip
Four Thursdays from 10-11am

This is a simple to learn Tai Chi practice made up of four moves, or “forms” as they are called, proven to reduce stress and boost immunity when practiced regularly. The practice may be done seated if necessary or with a chair nearby to rest a hand upon. Both will be demonstrated during the lessons. We will learn the four forms in both the left and right directions along with proper “Dantian” (energy center) breathing. The four forms are from three different styles of Tai Chi named Chen, Yang and Sun. The class is called a “sampler” for this reason. Students need no special equipment, very little space and should wear comfortable clothing. Tai Chi is done very slowly and is very safe.

$50 Members, $55 Non-Members

When onsite, class is socially distanced and a mask is required

Yoga is back! Fridays from 8:30-9:30am
Yoga for Wise Warriors!
With Lees Yunits

Beginners will be taught basics; more experienced will deepen their knowledge, and all will learn varied ways to enhance their knowing. Lees’s background includes many assorted styles of yoga, including hatha, viniyoga, yin and kundalini. Just as important are the invaluable techniques of breath work. Always there will be some form of meditation, as well, whether simple stillness, or transcendental, counting, mantra singing, or guided. The whole of a yoga session depends on joining body work, breath work, and meditation. Not to mention some humor here and there! Whether fast, or slow, all of Lees’s yoga classes intend to move you forward on your Journey to Joy.

$15.00 - Drop-In, $75.00 - 6 weeks

September 18
Gourmet Take Out with Chef Joe
Curbside pick up between 4:30-5:30PM

  • Seared risotto cake
  • Speck and burrata
  • Quail stuffed with foie gras and wild rice
  • Rice pudding with apricots, figs, and candied blood oranges.

$35 Members, $40 Non-Members

September 25
Gourmet Take Out with Chef Joe
Curbside pick up between 4:30-5:30PM

Fall Begins!
  • Seafood chowder
  • Roast pork stuffed with roasted peppers
  • Swiss chard and olives
  • Pears poached in Zinfandel and ginger with mascarpone.

$35 Members, $40 Non-Members

Saturday, September 19 from 1-2:30pm
Baking the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie With Barbara Lueck Steinkrauss

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite for many. From the original Toll House recipe through a thousand variations, many have claimed to be “the best,” but this class intends to celebrate two really outstanding versions. Participants will learn to prepare both, focusing on baking techniques and variables that affect the results, and then judge which is their favorite (a contest with no real loser). Everyone will go home with delicious cookies! All ages welcome. All materials needed for this class are provided.

$25 Members, $30 Non-Members

Socially Distanced | Mask Required


Every Saturday Afternoon
Italian Class with Guido Farina
Advanced Italian from 12:30-2pm 
Beginning Italian from 2-3:30pm

Italian is an incredibly beautiful and intricate language. The good news is, learning Italian is quite easy for English speakers, or speakers of other Romance languages. It is also proven that studying a foreign language stimulates the brain and improves memory.

This class is FREE for Cultural Center Members. Participants are required to purchase "Learning Italian With or Without a Teacher," by Guido Farina, available in our Artisan gift shop for $19.95.

$25 Members, $30 Non-Members

Socially Distanced | Mask Required

Beginning September 30
The Early Religion of Ireland: from Pagan to Christian
With Mary Ann Eaton
Eight Wednesdays from 3-5pm

The ancient Irish worshiped their divine through the unique practice of Druidism until Christianity began to be preached in the 5th century. In this course, we will look at Druidism in the life of the ancients; the uniqueness of the early Christian Church in Ireland along with some of its saints (Patrick, Brigid, Brendan); why monastic life at Clon MacNois, Michael Skellig, and Iona flourished and contributed much to society; and a glimpse into the beauty and uniqueness of Celtic Spirituality.

$85 Members, $95 Non-Members

Socially Distanced | Mask Required

Many of you may have heard about the Town-wide Visioning process being initiated by the Yarmouth Planning Board. Visioning will help them discover what you want Yarmouth to be in the future by identifying overall community values and viewpoints to guide goals, initiatives, and resource allocations to serve residents better.  

The Planning Board is looking for strong public engagement and participation to make the Visioning project a success and is working on scheduling the Virtual Workshops. To stay up to date on all the latest information and Sign-Up for Updates via e-mail on the Town Website at:  

Signing up for regular updates via e-mail is the best way to stay informed of the latest information on the Community Visioning project. It is also a way for you to voice your support for the Cultural Center in the future of Yarmouth.