Please note the Cultural Center of Cape Cod's campus will be closed to the public until Monday, February 1, 2021.

Our team will be contacting everyone who was supposed to attend a class this week to reschedule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email as the team will be working remotely.

We thank everyone for your understanding during this challenging time. Our team and our community's well-being is the top priority, and we will get through this together.

We all know how easy it is to snap shots, but the numbers are still astounding. It is estimated that humans will take about 1.5 trillion photographs in 2021, give or take a billion or two. There have been over 30 billion photographs uploaded to Instagram since its launch in 2010. And between us all, there are an estimated 7 trillion photographs in existence in one form or another. More than any other art form, photography has become our go-to creative expression.

Our obsession began over two hundred years ago when French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first photograph out of his Paris apartment window in 1825. Other people had created images more than twenty years before, but Niépce was the first to discover how to fix the image and make it permanent. He had invented photography.

Early cameras were heavy, intricate objects that required a lot of set up. Film didn’t exist, so each picture had to be exposed onto a glass plate prepared with a delicate mixture of chemicals. And it was a slow process, with early photographs often taking hours to soak up enough light to create an image.

It wasn’t really until the Kodak Brownie arrived in 1900 that photography was within reach of the rest of us. This pocket camera was simple enough and—most importantly—cheap enough for the average person. As a hobby of the masses, photography soon took off in a major way.

Then, photography was invented a second time. Although cameras had become increasingly sophisticated during the 20th century, they created a photograph in much the same way as in 1825 Paris. In 1975, Kodak invented the digital camera – no film and an instantaneous image. As before, many others worked to perfect the new technology, but it still took them a couple of decades to create a high-quality, affordable camera. And once it was merged into the mobile phone, suddenly millions had one in their pockets.

And the rest is history, if a very short one by comparison! Today, taking a photograph has become so ubiquitous it’s a part of our everyday social language. And with recent events affecting us all so directly, taking a picture has shifted. It’s not just about us enjoying an art form; photography has also become our journal and how we preserve our story.

Beginning February 1
The Drawing Studio
With Grace Emmet
Four Mondays from 6-8pm

This class is perfect for those who know the basics but what to develop their drawing skills and enhance their understanding of perspective, composition, depth, and form. This class will also cover some advanced techniques through both demonstration and application using charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil.

$85 Members, $100 Non-Members

Beginning February 2
Structures in the Landscape – Pastel Painting With Betsy Payne Cook
Four Tuesdays from 2-4:30pm

Creating a human connection in a landscape can begin by adding elements that we recognize as man-made objects. Using the power of composition, value/notans, and color, such objects can create a flow through your painting. This class will focus on these and other elements of compositional design to enhance the painting as compared to copying images from photographs. Instruction will also focus on simplifying objects and structures, choosing vantage points, and using design elements. We will also use wet underpainting with either pastel and alcohol/water or paints such as gouache, watercolor, and acrylic inks. Demonstrations, direct instruction, and paint time are intertwined throughout this class.

$100 Members, $110 Non-Members

Beginning February 3
Kitchen Table Clay
With Holly Heaslip
Four Wednesdays from 10-11:30am

Yes, you can do pottery at home, in your kitchen or any small space, with your hands as your primary tools! Everything else we will need can be found in the kitchen, garage or elsewhere in your home! You will be surprised at what we find and make use of! Your clay will easily wash off your clothing and all surfaces. It is not super messy and it’s non-toxic! You will be provided with clay through a safe pick up on an arranged day and time. No experience necessary just an openness to learn something new and have fun! Join me in making some simple pottery pieces along with some laughter and chat! Pieces will be glazed and fired at a later date to be arranged.

Please note, registration for this class ends on Sunday, January 31 at noon so clay pick up can be coordinated. 

$85 Members, $100 Non-Members

Beginning February 6
Intro to Portrait Drawing & Painting
With Livia Mosanu
Four Saturdays from 10am-noon

Learn to paint realistic portraits from photo references. These references will be provided in digital format (both photo and Old Master Copy) to use for the duration of the course as you paint in the comfort of your home studio. Alternatively, you may use your own photo reference, as approved by the instructor. We will start the class by drawing and carefully observing proportions, the anatomy of the face and skull, along with light and shadow patterns. Time will be spent drawing and learning the structure of each individual feature (ears, nose, eyes, mouth). We will then transfer this drawing to a board or canvas and paint it using oil paint with traditional oil painting techniques.

$105 Members, $120 Non-Members

Beginning February 6
Painting Ocean Waves
With Livia Mosanu
Four Saturdays from 1-3pm

Have you ever wondered how someone produces such realistic ocean waves in their paintings? In this class, you will learn how to capture lifelike ocean waves using oil paints. Photo references will be provided, or you can bring your own. This is the perfect opportunity to practice oil painting techniques such as glazes and impasto while learning how to paint water and foam. We will start the class by talking about the “anatomy” of a wave. We will analyze its structure and gain an understanding of it in 3D. We will then sketch the composition with an emphasis on light, shadows, reflections, and refractions. Next, we will address the underpainting and learn about color mixing and the attributes of color (hue, saturation, value, and temperature). More oil painting techniques will be discussed as we apply the final layer of paint and details that accentuate the illusion of having painted real water and foam on canvas.

$105 Members, $120 Non-Members

Thursday, February 18 from 6:30-8:30pm
Figure Painting & Drawing
With Sarah Holl

In this class, students can practice their drawing or painting skills while working from a live model. Students will be encouraged to find their own voices and explore various mediums. Students will receive individual instruction as well as group critiques. Open to all levels of experience. This class meets in the Great Hall in the main building.

Artists will have the opportunity to paint or draw the model in various settings, lighting, and props... There will be artists of different abilities in the same class, I feel this is a great way to learn. A beginner might work alongside an expert and have the opportunity to watch him or her put things together. The creativity that moves around the room is contagious, often at the end of the class during the critique each piece will be completely different, just like the painters! Please keep in mind that this is not a competition, everyone has their own unique vision. I look forward to working with you! 

Socially distanced – mask required

$25 per person

As we continue our journey of thanking our 2020 donors, we recognize our circle of donors who made transformational gifts over the past year. We are extremely grateful to each of you for the support you continue to show the Center.

Charlotte Benner Trust, Anonymous, Hugh and Jean Hilliard, The Etta Goodstein Trust, Mimi McConnell, Marion Broidrick, Paul and Joanne Simoneau, Suzanne Wolk, Heidi Schuetz and Dan Wolf, Janice Hyland and Alan Granby, John J. Ryan Marital Trust, Charlie and Barbara Adams, Lisbeth Kamborian, Pat Armstrong and Bea Gremlich, Ina Clayman, Sidwell Family Charitable Fund, Evans and Holly Arnold, Mark and Peggy Anschutz, Anonymous, Bob and Lynda Cox, David Moriarty and Barry Margolin, Donald and Janet Gauland, Jack and Patty Creighton, Jason and Tina Lilly, Jeffrey and Georgia Wilson, Joe and Meredith Zona, Larry and Beth Thayer, Nancy Douttiel and Diane Willcox, Ray and Betsy Brown, Steven Cipriano


Every Friday from 8:30–9:30am
Yoga for Wise Warriors!
With Lees Yunits

Bringing to mind that yoga is a process that everyone is capable of, Lees teaches yoga to beginners and advanced, to the stressed and to the curious, to retirees, young mothers and fathers, artists, businesswomen and men. Everyone benefits from stretching, breathing and meditating. Joy is the byproduct.

Beginners will be taught basics; more experienced will deepen their knowledge, and all will learn varied ways to enhance their knowing. Lees’s background includes many assorted styles of yoga, including hatha, viniyoga, yin and kundalini. Just as important are the invaluable techniques of breath work. Always there will be some form of meditation, as well, whether simple stillness, or transcendental, counting, mantra singing, or guided. The whole of a yoga session depends on joining body work, breath work, and meditation. Not to mention some humor here and there! Whether fast, or slow, all of Lees’s yoga classes intend to move you forward on your Journey to Joy.

$15.00 – drop-in, $75.00 – 6 weeks

Beginning February 25
Tai Chi for Health-Sun Style/Part One
The Core Movements
With Holly Heaslip
Six Thursdays from 10-11am

Tai Chi is one of the most highly recommended forms of exercise. Sun Style is safe, relaxing, and easy to learn. There are numerous evidence-based scientific studies showing it improves overall health, balance, bone health, immune system, and sleep while reducing stress and the pain and stiffness of arthritis while helping to maintain an overall positive attitude. By the end of six weeks, students will have a solid practice to enjoy as is or continue to Part Two for more. Instructor Holly Heaslip is certified in this program developed by Dr. Paul Lam. Wear comfortable clothing, shoes with thin, flexible shoes if possible (socks with grips on the bottom are appropriate), and bring a water bottle. If you have any concerns about whether this program is appropriate for you, please check with your doctor before participating.

$75 Members, $80 Non-Members


Beginning February 3
Knitting for Beginners: Continental / Scandinavian Methods
With Kirsten West
Four Wednesdays from 10am-noon

You’ll be amazed at how simple it easy to learn to knit Continental/Scandinavian Style. Students will learn to cast on the Scandinavian way, all while learning various stitches, ribs, and basic techniques. We will read patterns and learn about various fibers that are suitable for hand knitting, and how to care for hand-knitted items. Knowing continental knitting will make advanced techniques easier to learn and master. This class is for beginners and refreshers. 

$85 Members, $100 Non-Members

Socially distanced – mask required

Beginning February 5
Learn to Knit Socks From the Top Down
With Kirsten West
Four Fridays from 10am-noon

In this class, for intermediate to experienced knitters, students will learn how to knit socks from the top down. Students should be able to knit comfortably using a set of double-pointed needles. The result will be a pair of warm handmade socks and the ability to make more for family, friends, or even to keep for yourself. CDC guidelines, including mask-wearing and social distancing, will be observed.

$85 Members, $100 Non-Members

Socially distanced - mask required

Beginning February 6
Let's Get Ready for Our 2021 Gardens!
With Priscilla Husband
Four Saturdays from 1-3pm

This 4-week course provides an opportunity for students to learn the basics of landscape design and installation through a new and simple approach, using intuitive tools and techniques for achieving successful, healthy, and colorful gardens and personalized landscape plans.

$125 Members, $135 Non-Members

Socially distanced, mask required for on-site participants.

Ideal for kids ages 9 and up

Saturday, February 13 from 10am–noon
Sailor's Valentine Workshop
With Nate Olin

Using a variety of instructor provided templates, you will create your own original, contemporary Sailor's Valentine! With an assortment of materials including but not limited to shells, stones, and unique beads. You will construct a very simple example of the traditional item, with the idea of leaving class with the ability to segue into the creation of other Sailor's Valentines of complexity and originality limited only by your imagination and desire!

Socially distanced – mask required

$25 per person

Friday, February 19 from 10am–noon
With Nate Olin

Calling all wizards! Bring out your inner Harry Potter and create your own magical wand from scratch! Come see if the wand chooses the wizard or the wizard chooses the wand. Each student will receive a natural wood wand staff, then choose what type of grip to attach to it. From that point, they will select from a large assortment of charms, beads, polished stones and other natural elements to add onto the wand to personalize their magic. From dragons to ladybugs, each wand is a statement of their own.

$25 per person

Socially distanced – mask required

Friday, February 19 from 1-3pm
Clay Jewelry
With Nate Olin

Have fun making wearable art for yourself or others. Create it - bake it - color it - wear it! Make your own medallions, pins, charms, beads, key chains, and more out of baked clay. Come with ideas you’ve seen out and about, or what you've always wanted but couldn't find anywhere else.

$25 per person

Socially distanced – mask required

Friday, February 19 from 3:30–5pm
The Art of Button Making
With Nate Olin

Create your own personal visual statement, whether it is from your own imagination, your favorite show, or a favorite meme. Make buttons to wear out of the class (cut), gift your best friend, put on your backpackor affix anywhere you can think of. Make up to six wearable, original design buttons!

$25 per person

Socially distanced – mask required


We invite you to experience "Cape Cod Pandemic Heroes," "Luminosity,"  and “Anything Goes" at our open house on Saturday, February 6, from 2-5pm. Socially distanced – mask required