Enough Mushiness. Love Is...
February 12, 2020
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Life, Love, & Faithfulness

Hey Mama,

Happy Valentine's Day! It's just around the corner, and everyone, I feel like EVERYONE seems to be a little extra sentimental. Right? Well, when I think of Valentine's Day, I don't fixate on the red hearts and gorgeous roses . . . oh, those things are nice! Sure. But I like to think of a different kind of LOVE—selfless, sacrificial, life giving.

Mama, I know what your kind of love looks like. You’re sometimes up before the crack of dawn to make sure everything is ready for your family. You put in long hours, sleepless nights, and tired days, sacrificing what you want for what your family needs.

You will spend two or three decades raising and mentoring your children. Maybe longer. Yes, decades. Few Mamas take a look at their 18-year-old child on his/her birthday and tell them to hit the road. The parenting never stops. The love, the heart talks, the helping out, the provisional things . . . it never really ends. Do you want it to end?

Then more decades pass and the roles shift. They don’t become opposite, but there are many similarities. His arms are the ones that hold you up. Her hands and heart are the ones that comfort you in your old age. The multitudes of children around you: grand and great-grand. They are yours. What a heritage!

And that's LOVE, Mama, in its purest form. ❤️ At The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, we remember this and want to encourage you along the journey.

And remember, Mama. . .

Whether you have one kiddo or 15, you have been granted such a gift. Remember when that baby was placed in your arms for the very first time? LIFE. New, precious life. And your own life was about to change forever.

This is a gift. There are days when you want to turn and run away. Stress is a beast. Kids stomp on your heart. SO ungrateful at times. But they will learn. They will get it someday, Lord willing, and He is faithful to water those seeds you have planted and tended. He is the Harvester. Don’t grow weary. Do not give up your convictions; do not drop that Biblical standard. Keep that bar high. Stand firm and train them up in the way they should go. Then let the Lord do the rest.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” - Proverbs 22:6.

He. Is. Faithful.
These kids are yours on loan from Him. So you can rest, knowing that He has a plan. Lay them at the cross tonight, right there at the Lord’s feet, in His loving hands. It’s not you doing it all. He is the Builder. He has this.

Let Him build, faithful Mama. Stay faithful to the end. Let Him do His great work. And, know you are loved. His hand is on your head tonight. 

- gena

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Mercy Every Minute  
What Love Isn’t 

Love is not beautiful Victorian cards or flowers on a certain day of the year. It is not always a fancy restaurant or a romantic feeling. Instead of the mushy stuff portrayed everywhere, it probably looks more like faithfulness, unity, hard work, and commitment.

You have an enemy that is definitely against anything that has to do with real love. This season in your life, it is a roll-up-your-sleeves, stand and face the world, the flesh, and the devil together as you raise these children. 

What Love Is. . .

Love is death. Jesus showed us that. We must die to self in order to really love others. There is no greater love than this, loving expecting nothing in return. This is the kind of love that has nothing to do with how you feel but all to do with how you respond. 

We can use this one day—Valentine's Day—that is set aside and demonstrate the love of God to our children. Take the day off from school and instead discuss how you can show love to each other and others.

What the Bible says. . .

There are a ton of references to the love of God. Go over the Scriptures together that talk about love:
  • Read and study 1 John, chapter 4
  • Isaiah talks about the color red and the LORD’s love: Isaiah 1:18 says,“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”
  • Read 1 Corinthians 13 together and discuss it.
  • Talk about Jesus’ life of love in the gospels. 

Going out on a date with your spouse may not be an option in your home in this season of your life. Believe me, I know. We waited at least 20 years to go out alone. Instead of resenting what you don’t have, make the best of what you do have. Enjoy your husband and children whether you get to go out or not. 

Remember, you are able to teach your children the extravagant love of God as you keep them Home Where They Belong. 


For those who struggle with feeling disappointed on Valentine’s Day and need encouragement to love past the hurt, please read The Death of Love.
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A New Perspective of Love 

Sometimes in the stress of daily life, when you’re surrounded by dirty diapers, grumpy children, and a sink full of dishes, romance seems to be something that happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” 

We need to change our perspective, though. What is real love? In the Bible, real love involves putting someone else’s needs ahead of our own. When you teach your children, you are showing real love to your husband. When he gets up before daylight and heads out to work in the cold and wet, he’s showing you real love. When one of you gets up in the night with the sick child so your mate doesn’t have to, that’s real love. 

And even the fun things—when you fix what he wants for dinner instead your own preference, that’s love. And when he happily chooses your favorite restaurant instead of his own, that’s love, too. 

Sometimes we need to remember that, before we start thinking about hearts and flowers and Valentine’s Day. Your mate may not be the most romantic spouse on the street but may actually be the one showing the most real love. 

So . . . is there any hope for romance? 

Sure! Though it may not look like it used to, and it may not look like the dream pictures in the magazines.

Spend the next couple of days looking for opportunities to show your mate how much you love them. Say it out loud. Reach out and touch your mate—put your hand on their arm and look into their eyes. Write a note. Do something they’ve been wanting you to do, like sit close on the couch and let them tell you about their day. 

Invest in the relationship! When you take those small steps that say, “I care about you. I like being with you. I don’t mind when you interrupt me,” you’re affirming and building the day-to-day bond you have. And when we do that, you’ll find romance becomes a lot more natural, a lot easier to find, and you won’t even need a sitter. 

If you’d like some ideas for starting conversations and stirring some of the old feelings, check out our free newsletter LoveBirdSeeds. And for something bigger, plan on our Come Away Weekend retreat in the mountains of North Carolina—coming this fall! 

Your friends,
Hal & Melanie
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While caught up in the action taking them from Yorkshire to the shores of Dover, readers will be exposed to the rich geography, history, and architecture of England.

Along their journey, Tom and Sarah will befriend two professors. The professors will eventually help them on their way to discover if Tom’s parents are truly still alive and if he is, indeed, heir to the throne.
This novel also has a companion Study Guide, which is personally described by a homeschool mom:

I found the Britfield Study Guide to be well thought out and thorough. Available for free to teachers and homeschoolers, the study guide includes learning opportunities focusing on vocabulary, comprehension, and “Going Deeper” exercises which encourage learners to think beyond the story. Portions of the study guide also include “Learn More with Technology” which assists learners in becoming familiar with online research.

The study guide companion is an e-book that can be downloaded and printed. Containing vocabulary study, comprehension, and further in-depth questions, it is a comprehensive guide. It also includes suggestions for ways to enrich learning through further study of the people and places mentioned in the novel.

In addition to the study guide, the website also includes information and pictures about the locations mentioned in the novel to use in enhancing your study.

This is a short description and review of Britfield & the Lost Crown , but you can find links to 75 reviews from homeschool moms describing their family’s experience with this book and related resources on our Homeschool Review Crew site. 

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